Monday, February 24, 2003

You Asked for It

Ken-Arbre paving will be done soon

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

QUESTION: What is the status of the resurfacing project on Ken-Arbre Drive in Kenwood? The work has taken months, and rough sections with exposed sewer lids exist.

- JOHN PERIN, Deer Park

ANSWER: Gregg Flammer, a supervisor for the Hamilton County engineer, said a contractor installing a water main experienced delays in acquiring materials. The main has been completed and sewer lid castings have been adjusted in preparation for resurfacing Ken-Arbre. The project will be completed this spring.

Q: The eastbound Colerain Avenue exit ramp from Interstate 275 provides two lanes for right turns and one for left turns. During evening rush hour, vehicles in the left turn lane back up onto the interstate, while the right turn lane handles the traffic. Is it possible to allow the right turn lane to become a dual lane serving right and left turns? That would necessitate partial removal of a concrete median, but it appear there are adequate lanes on Colerain to make this change.

- BETSY ARMSTRONG, Colerain Township

A: Jay Hamilton, traffic planning engineer for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said traffic counts indicate about twice as many left turns are made at this location than right turns. ODOT has a future project planned to upgrade this intersection that includes converting the ramp lanes to a left turn only and a left/right turn lane.

Q: About a month ago, I requested, through your column, that a traffic light at the intersection of Northern Parkway/Warder Lane with North Bend Road in Springfield Township, be activated on demand as it once was. A signal operation defect was repaired, but now the signal is malfunctioning again. Why?

-FRANK MAGRINO, Finneytown

A: Tom Langenbrunner of the Hamilton County engineer's office said the problem was more extensive than originally thought - not just a bad sensor wire in the pavement. The signal has been functioning properly.

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