Saturday, February 15, 2003

Rate report

CD interest available at Cincinnati area banks

The following is a sample of the highest rates available at Greater Cincinnati banks and savings and loans. Information was provided by each institution as of Feb. 13 and is subject to change. Minimum deposits are $1,000, except where noted. Enquirer research by Shirley Dees.

6-month certificate of deposit

Spring Valley Bank1.75%
Peoples Community Bank1.75%
Cottage Savings ($500)1.75%
Columbia Savings Bank ($500)1.75%
Foundation Bank1.75%
CenterBank ($500)1.70%
Eagle Savings Bank1.70%
Cheviot B&L ($500)1.64%
Oak Hill Banks ($2,500)1.60%
Union Savings Bank ($500)1.55%
Cincinnati Federal S&L 1.50%
Franklin Savings ($500)1.38%
Winton S&L ($500)1.25%
Bank of Kentucky ($500)1.25%
Westwood Homestead ($500)1.15%
Anderson Bank ($500)1.00%
PNC Bank0.80%
Provident Bank0.50%

1-year certificate of deposit

Spring Valley Bank2.05%
CenterBank ($500)2.05%
Foundation Bank ($500)2.01%
Peoples Community Bank2.00%
Cottage Savings ($500)2.00%
Bank of Kentucky ($500)2.00%
Cheviot B&L ($500)1.95%
Eagle Savings Bank1.95%
Columbia Savings Bank ($500)1.90%
Oak Hill Banks ($500) 1.80%
Union Savings Bank ($500)1.75%
Cincinnati Federal S&L1.75%
Franklin Savings ($500)1.63%
Winton S&L ($500)1.50%
Anderson Bank ($500)1.50%
Provident Bank1.25%
Westwood Homestead ($500)1.20%
PNC Bank0.90%

2-year certificate of deposit

Foundation Bank ($500)2.51%
Cottage Savings ($500)2.50%
Peoples Community Bank2.50%
Anderson Bank ($500)2.50%
Bank of Kentucky ($500)2.50%
Eagle Savings Bank2.45%
CenterBank ($500)2.40%
Oak Hill Banks ($500) 2.40%
Cheviot B&L ($500)2.40%
Union Savings Bank ($500)2.25%
Cincinnati Federal S&L2.25%
Columbia Savings Bank ($500)2.20%
Franklin Savings ($500)2.13%
Winton S&L ($500)2.00%
Provident Bank1.75%
Westwood Homestead ($500)1.80%
PNC Bank1.50%

5-year certificate of deposit

CenterBank ($500)3.75%
Oak Hill Banks ($500) 3.75%
Cottage Savings ($500)3.75%
Foundation Bank ($500)3.75%
Westwood Homestead ($500)3.75%
Cheviot B&L ($500)3.75%
Cincinnati Federal S&L3.75%
Eagle Savings Bank3.75%
Provident Bank3.50%
Union Savings Bank ($500)3.50%
Peoples Community Bank3.50%
Bank of Kentucky ($500)3.50%
Franklin Savings ($500)3.50%
Columbia Savings Bank ($500)3.25%
PNC Bank2.90%
Winton S&L ($500)2.50%

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