Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Real Style

Jeans, vintage clothes fit trainer

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

It's tricky to pin down Chris Dawes of Mount Adams on his style of dress.

The personal trainer, 28, describes a typical casual outfit as "vintage on the upper half and up-to-date jeans on the lower half," because the legs in vintage styles are too tight for his buff limbs.

By day, putting his 18 clients through their push-ups and stretches, he prefers a collared shirt with his logo and cargo or warm-up pants. By night, he's likely to layer a $2 patterned vintage shirt with a leather leisure suit jacket - "the kind with the wide lapels," he says - from the '70s.

"Chris even makes the '80s look good," says Lisa Molyneaux in her nominating letter. Quite a feat.

You can be found shopping at: Vintage stores, Talk of the Town in Reading and Blue Ash Blues in Rossmoyne.

Style history: About three years ago, I moved to Mount Adams and started wanting to not look like everyone else ... but I wanted to be simple about it. I wanted to be a little different and not put so much pressure on buying expensive stuff.

Best bargain: A 1970 tuxedo for $25. I got the pants at Talk of the Town and, unbelievably, the same make and style jacket at Blue Ash Blues.

You are never without: My cowboy boots - except with the tux.

Sentimental clothing: I wear a crucifix. I have a huge faith in God and want to keep him close to me.

You signature look: Jeans and cowboy boots.

You'd never be caught dead in: Khakis or dress pants.

If you had big bucks you'd buy: Vintage clothes, but I'd probably go to Chicago or L.A. to shop.

Fashion philosophy: It is all about not spending money and keeping it simple ... and getting ready in 10 minutes.

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