Police shooting: City response
Sunday morning's fatal shooting of a suspect by Cincinnati Police remains under investigation, but the public should take comfort that the official response has been open and prompt.

Music Hall: 125th year celebrations
Cincinnati's beloved Music Hall turns 125 years young this Ohio Bicentennial year, but a May 7 anniversary show to honor the national historic landmark will celebrate youth, not age.

African Americans should be more health conscious
Black History Month is a wonderful time to reflect upon the contribution African Americans have made to this great country. But it's also a time to think about change — changing a pattern that has been apparent for many years.

Reader's views
Enquirer readers share their views on the rising costs of healthcare, city council, Pete Rose and other topics. Read today's letters to the editor.

2003 Whines and roses
Enquirer readers air their gripes and grouses in our Whine Festival and their fragrant tributes to all thatís right with the world in our Rose Garden. See what they have to say.