Sunday, February 9, 2003

Auditor's brochure praises her record

The Associated Press

COLUMBUS - State Auditor Betty Montgomery has sent about 20,000 Ohio Republicans a brochure that could be seen as her opening move in the 2006 governor's race.

Montgomery was Ohio attorney general from 1995 until early last month, when she took over as auditor in a job swap with Jim Petro.

Both Republicans were elected to their new positions in November. They had to change jobs because of the term limits.

Montgomery spokesman Mark Weaver said the eight-page brochure was "a capstone piece" to sum up her term as attorney general.

He denied that it had anything to do with the governor's race.

The brochure's cover features Montgomery's photo next to the state's official seal. At the bottom of the page is the phrase "Conservative leadership we can trust."

Along with recounting her efforts as attorney general, the brochure praises Montgomery as a fiscal watchdog alongside photos of her with former President Reagan and with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush.

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