Monday, February 3, 2003

List of what's been recovered

The Associated Press

Here are some of the hundreds of reports of debris from the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia:


Remains that a hospital employee identified as charred torso, thigh bone and skull on a rural road near Hemphill.

Remains identified as a charred human leg on a farm in Sabine County, about 50 miles east of Nacogdoches.

Charred helmet and astronaut's patch in San Augustine County.

A metal piece as big as a pickup truck found in a rural area of San Augustine County.

A rounded piece of what appeared to be metal, about 4 feet by 5 feet, found on a rural highway in Neches.

Foot-long metal bracket that smashed through roof of dentist's office in Nacogdoches.

Jagged, half-moon-shaped metal piece, about 5 feet long, in front yard in Nacogdoches.

V-shaped chunk of metal in the median of U.S. 79 just northeast of Palestine, in Anderson County.

2-foot pieces of metal, pieces of tile in Cherokee and Rusk counties.

A 5- to 6-foot-long object that looks like part of the landing gear found 12 miles south of San Augustine, with a piece that looks like part of a radio, with wires hanging out, found half a mile away.

300 pieces, including one that would be difficult to fit into a pickup truck, found in Cherokee County.

25 pieces found on a 20-acre campus of the Douglass Independent School District in Nacogdoches. Possible 5- by 5-inch piece of tile in front of Rice High School in Rice, in Navarro County.

Tank, about 3 feet in diameter, on a runway at the A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport in Nacogdoches.

3- by 3-foot piece of metal in a bank parking lot in Nacogdoches, and 1-foot diameter piece of gray metal in front of the courthouse.

Curved piece of metal, about 5 feet in diameter, in highway median in Anderson County, west of Nacogdoches.

7- to 8-foot doorlike fragment and a piece of debris resembling part of a windshield found in Cherokee County.

Dented metal object about the size of a beach ball in the front yard of a home in Bronson, southeast of Nacogdoches near the Louisiana line. The object has bolts and nodules attached.

3-foot-by-3-foot cylindrical object at National Guard Armory in Nacogdoches.


Smoldering bundle of wires in a front yard in Shreveport.

Piece the size of a compact car reported splashing into Toledo Bend Reservoir on Texas-Louisiana state line.

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