Sunday, January 26, 2003


Morehart lands his 'dream job'


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Phil Morehart, founder of the Underneath Cincinnati short-film showcases at SSNOVA Gallery, moved to Chicago in 2002 to work for Facets Multimedia, the venerable film center and library.

In what he called a "dream job," he writes and researches for the organization's Web site and catalog of foreign, independent, cult and classic films.

"I definitely want to start doing another min-indie (small independent film) showcase here," he said.

He continues to scout films for Underneath Cincinnati - "I'm the foreign correspondent" - and plans to return to Cincinnati for some 2003 shows.

His successor, Sara Mahle, has added jury and audience judging to this year's program and plans a year-end showcase to choose the best-of-the-best for a traveling exhibition that will visit other cities around the Midwest.

"Sara is doing a great job," Mr. Morehart said. "The show is in super-good hands."

- Margaret A. McGurk

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