Saturday, January 25, 2003

Pair arrested as paintball vandals

By Janice Morse
The Cincinnati Enquirer

FAIRFIELD TWP. - The siege should stop now, police said Friday, after the arrests of two suspects accused of blasting dozens of vehicles and homes with paintballs.

A pair of 18-year-old Fairfield Township men, Jeremy Alcorn and Ryan Maynard, are charged with criminal damaging, an arrest report filed Tuesday says. Both gave written statements about "shooting vehicles and houses in Fairfield Township and Liberty Township," police said.

The men were released and are awaiting court action.

Richard St. John, Fairfield Township police chief, said he hadn't heard of such a large outbreak of paintball vandalism until this case.

He said the suspects are linked to upward of 30 reports during the past three weeks.

One of the victims, Susan M. Jones, 32, said, "I was aggravated because they had been doing this for awhile. I even told the cop: `You'd better catch them before I do.' "

Ms. Jones said her Stonybrook Drive home was hit twice this week with a mixture of black and pink paint.

Most of the targets were hit with yellow paint, "and they were not hitting them randomly," Ms. Jones said. "They were shooting every house - boom, boom, boom, boom - as they were driving down the road."

The first hit at Ms. Jones' home was Monday. "I couldn't believe they had the nerve to come back the next night," Ms. Jones said.

When the suspects returned Tuesday around 10 p.m., Ms. Jones said, "I jumped out of bed and chased them down the road in my bare feet."

After hearing Ms. Jones' description of the vehicle, Butler County Sheriff's Detective Jeff Riegert began following a vehicle he spotted on Liberty-Fairfield Road.

The license plate number led officers to Mr. Alcorn's home in the 5000 block of Longbow Drive.


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