Thursday, January 16, 2003

Is your 'Seinfeld' knowledge noteworthy?

By Melissa Knific
The Cincinnati Enquirer

[photo] `Seinfeld' co-stars were, from left, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards.
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For all you Seinfeld junkies who never missed an episode during the sitcom's nine seasons, test your show knowledge on these trivia questions. Just don't let "Bubble Boy" challenge you to any wrong answers.

1. When Jerry is informed by the library that he has an overdue book from 1971, what is the amount Kramer figures that Jerry has to pay?

a. $5,000

b. $15,000

c. $25,000

d. $50,000

2. What restaurant's bright lights interfere with Kramer's sleep?

3. Where are Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer during the last scene of the final episode?

4. What type of bread do Jerry and George use a fishing rod to reel through an apartment window?

a. Sourdough rye

b. Pumpernickel rye

c. Marble rye

d. Caraway rye

5. When Steinbrenner finds George underneath his desk, he thinks George has ESP because he has "anticipated" what?

6. What is Kramer's first name?

7. What phrase did George's girlfriend use to skip to the end of a story?

8. When George insists that he is having a heart attack, what is the doctor's diagnosis?

a. Bronchitis

b. Dermatitis

c. Sinusitis

d. Tonsillitis

9. Where does Kramer install his garbage disposal unit?

10. What baseball team's hat is Elaine wearing that causes her to be banished from a New York Yankees game?

a. Baltimore Orioles

b. Cincinnati Reds

c. Boston Red Sox

d. Chicago White Sox

11. What holiday did Frank Costanza create?

12. Which serial killer was Kramer mistaken for?

13. What were Jerry and George arrested for in the parking lot after losing track of Kramer's car?

a. Public intoxication

b. Public urination

c. Public indecency

d. Public humiliation

14. What does Kramer do when he is invited to watch surgery on Elaine's ex-boyfriend?

15. What causes George and the "Bubble Boy" to fight?

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