Friday, January 10, 2003


Web sites for the whole family

The next time someone sends you a story about a man having sex with a pumpkin, a murderous spider that lives under toilet seats or an e-mail from the founder of Applebee's offering you a $50 gift certificate, bookmark this Web site so you can find out that these and many more e-mails and stories are hoaxes.

Now here's an interesting contest. Volvo Cars of North America is looking for "ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the areas of safety, environment and quality of life" in their community. One of the 50 nominated who are named semi-finalists will win a Volvo of their choice, free, for the rest of his or her life. More information on the Web site. Deadline: Feb. 28.

This new e-tailer launched last month , devoted to the "history and culture" of America. It features information about children's books, videos and posters celebrating the achievements and struggles of African-Americans. Items available include movies on the Underground Railroad, Buffalo Soldiers, Harlem Renaissance and posters by Jacob Lawrence and Malvin G. Johnson.

Shauna Scott Rhone

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