Thursday, January 9, 2003

Find out how you did on the Ohio history quiz

The Associated Press

Let's find out how you did on the Ohio history quiz. Give yourself 4 points for each correct answer.

1. a. 1803.

2. c. Eight. They are: Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison (William Henry's grandson), James A. Garfield, William McKinley and Ulysses S. Grant.

3. a. Four. Garfield and McKinley were assassinated, Harding had a heart attack and William Henry Harrison caught pneumonia and died after giving the longest inaugural speech in presidential history. He was the shortest-serving president.

4. b. Tiffin served from 1803-1807, Worthington from 1814-1818 and Chase from 1856-1860. William Howard Taft is the great-grandfather of the current governor.

5. d. Nancy Hollister was governor from Dec. 31, 1998, to Jan. 10, 1999, in the interim after George Voinovich resigned because he had been elected to the U.S. Senate and before Bob Taft was sworn in.

6. c. Eighty-nine. There are 88 counties in Ohio, true, but the first barn in Ottawa County was flattened by a tornado in 1998. It's still considered an official Bicentennial Barn and a second Ottawa County barn was painted in 2001.

7. a. Scott Hagan. Tim Hagan was the 2002 Democratic candidate for governor who lost to Bob Taft, and state Sen. Bob Hagan is Tim's brother.

8. a. Martins Ferry was established by Absalom Martin in 1785. Famous people from there: Pulitzer Prize-winning author James Wright and former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman/kicker Lou "The Toe" Groza.

9. b. Yup, a bicycle shop, but don't feel bad if you didn't know. They're not famous for inventing the 10-speed, now, are they?

10. a. Two dozen, including John Glenn (Cambridge), the first American to orbit the Earth (he also became the oldest man in space when he made another flight in 1998); Neil Armstrong (Wapakoneta), the first man to walk on the moon; and Judith Resnik (Akron), who was killed in the Challenger explosion.

11. b. How can it be 1953 if Ohio was established in 1803? Well, Congress did not formally declare states to be part of the union until 1812. So, in 1953, President Eisenhower signed legislation that retroactively made Ohio a state effective March 1, 1803.

12. c. Cincinnati. After bouncing around for a few years, the fair found a permanent home in Columbus.

13. c. Shenandoah Zeps. It's original, that's for sure.

14. d. Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College was founded in 1873 and renamed Ohio State University in 1878.

15. True. Edison was born in Milan before moving to Michigan at age 7 and Darrow was born in Kinsman. He practiced law in Ohio before moving on to Chicago and the Scopes Monkey Trial.

16. False. Ohio contributed the most soldiers per capita, including Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman.

17. True. The Cuyahoga. Don't ask how a body of water can actually catch fire.

18. False. Tecumseh allied himself with the British and was killed at the Battle of the Thames.

19. c. 137 losses. Move along folks, nothing to see here. But the stadium's nice, at least.

20. a. The deed was done on Mr. Lerner's jet. Browns fans protested by burning MBNA credit cards because Mr. Lerner made his fortune with MBNA. Of course, when Mr. Lerner brought the Browns back, he was a hero.

21. a. About one in five. In other words, not very many, relatively speaking.

22. c. Mr. Rose, of course, was banned from baseball and is not eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame - yet. Khrushchev, a former Soviet premier, was with an entirely different big red machine.

23. b. Owens put on one of the greatest track performances in the history of the Olympics, winning gold medals in the 100-meter dash, long jump, 200-meter dash and the 400-meter relay. This ruined Adolf Hitler's attempt to use the Games to showcase Aryan superiority.

24. c. At the age of 46, Mr. Nicklaus pulled one more rabbit out of his hat.

25. a. Heismans: Les Horvath, 1944; Vic Janowicz, 1950; Howard Cassady, 1955; Archie Griffin, 1974 and '75; and Eddie George, 1995. National Championships: 1942, 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, 1970 (some consensus; some shared, based on the 2002 Ohio State Football Media Guide) and on Friday, they won their seventh - and undisputed - championship against the University of Miami in the Fiesta Bowl.


0-24 points: Did you even get No. 1 right?

28-52 points: A little better, but maybe a few trips to the library are in order.

56-80 points: Not bad, not bad at all. Wow your friends with tales of Ohio's history.

84-100 points: Is your last name Taft, by any chance?

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