Sunday, January 5, 2003

Suburbanites: Will they roam?

Shaping culture in 2003

For a generation, "commute" meant the trip from suburban home to city workplace. Today, an equally common commute is suburb to suburb.

The choices Greater Cincinnati's educated and well-heeled suburbanites make in 2003 will have significant long-term impact on arts and culture in this continuing economic downturn. Increasingly, they're choosing not to come downtown.

Urban unrest, the boycott, shopping choices, orange barrels, panhandlers, perceptions about parking, safety and the sometimes unattractive urban landscape have come together to spell "I don't think so" for many in the suburbs.

The Big Deal events lure them: The Lion King at the Aronoff, a winning Reds team, the opening of Jean-Robert at Pigall's. But last summer, Cincinnati Opera ticket sales didn't meet expectations. Subscriptions to Playhouse in the Park are down. Cincinnati Ballet survives on the economic edge. Seats go empty at Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concerts.

Cincinnati's leading cultural institutions recognize the need to turn occasional visits into loyal support for long-term survival.

Early talk points from the soon-to-be-released PARC study report that while four out of five Greater Cincinnatians think performing arts are a good thing for the region, only three out of five people attend them.

The challenge is to turn that positive attitude into commitment.

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