Sunday, January 5, 2003

Edgy art center opening

Shaping culture in 2003


New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp recently wrote that with the new Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art "Cincinnati covered itself with glory."

The glory comes not only from the choice of superstar architect Zaha Hadid, but also from the visionary choices made by the museum for its opening show, Somewhere Better Than This Place. More than 50 celebrated contemporary artists have agreed to be part of the exhibition, and several will create Cincinnati-specific works on opening night.

The CAC represents a new paradigm in museums that encourages more participation and accessibility. Once bastions of aesthetic elitism, they are now places where people get married, meet new friends over cocktails or listen to gospel music as they have brunch.

"Since the 18th century a museum was considered a sacred temple separate from the city," says CAC Senior Curator Thom Collins. Zaha said, `Screw that. That's old.' Her building is not in a park but in the center of the city. I like to say it's a carnivalesque mix of activity."

In the Hadid building are galleries of varying sizes and ceiling heights to accommodate large-scale installations. The galleries interlock in a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that allows for a unique presentation of work, with unobstructed sight lines. The traveling shows that come to the CAC will look different there.

The opening show will include sculptors, installation and performing artists, photographers and agents of social change who will prove they are unafraid to tackle subjects that just may make us squirm. There will be nudity, graphic expressions and incredible beauty.

And, there will be new perspectives and the opportunity to jump into a hot tub, dine on noodles served by the CAC staff or stand in awe at the re-creation of a rainbow.

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