Thursday, December 26, 2002 -- Volume 7, No. 358
College ready to sell concept
At Thomas More College, it's a long-standing campus joke that the school is Greater Cincinnati's best-kept secret.

West Virginia ticket has winning Powerball numbers
Someone who bought a lottery ticket in West Virginia won the $314.9 million jackpot in Wednesday's Powerball drawing, a lottery official said.

Spreading cheer
Restaurant owner Haytham David stood by Karla Striley on Christmas, helping her heap plastic containers with hot ham, turkey and mashed potatoes.
U.S. soldiers celebrate X-mas

Implosion means lights out for Cinergy Field signs
Cinergy paid $6 million for the privilege of having its name in lights on the former Riverfront Stadium since 1996, but as of Sunday, the lighted banners will turn into rubble.

Plenty of seats still available on UC women's bandwagon
If Anderson residents Brenda and Roger Trapp won the lottery, they know what they'd spend the loot on: University of Cincinnati women's basketball.

Where 'close' counts
Matt Guy stands still as a statue, his pale blue eyes focused on an iron stake 40 feet away. Then with a smooth, underhand motion, he flings a horseshoe in a graceful arc. Clang! A ringer.

Big Willie
Willie Anderson watched an emotional cloud engulf former Bengals tight end Tony McGee toward the end of McGee's nine-year stay in Cincinnati.
Readers' letters: Despite win, Bengals still need to change

Past meets future
At Landor Associates on Shillito Place, reminders of the historic department store that once occupied the downtown building have been retained, woven into the new professional scheme.

The Enquirer's Wish List
Some people are struggling with lifelong medical problems. Some have been dealt a blow by a terrible accident. Some people are old and live alone. You can help.

Complete local news report

Fourth-graders learn via interactive TV
Organ off for $250K tuneup
Cincinnati tax plan to cost county
Homicides match last year's 63
Shooter in 63rd homicide sought

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Complete sports report

Posey trying to find his place with Rockets
Buckeyes overseas making Fiesta plans
Bucks sign football for cancer boy
Miami says AD Bates a perfect fit so far
High school sports page

    • More sports news...

Complete business report

They're Bobs-bob-bobbin' along
Smoker gets $28 mill. in tobacco suit
FAA challenged by troubled airlines
Asian stocks offer little holiday cheer
Tristate Summary

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

Author turns to kids' books
Lawyer turned to guilty pleasure - comedy
It's still Christmas in 'July'
Group shapes TV's sexuality
Get to it!

    • More tempo news...

Updated AP report

Iraqi Official: 150,000 Civilians Dead

Sen. Allen Concedes Defeat in Virginia

Bush, Pelosi Hold White House Talks

Massive Recall of Acetaminophen Underway

Mubarak Warns Against Hanging Saddam

Bolton Unlikely to Win Senate Approval

AP: Startling Findings in Tillman Probe

Ed Bradley of '60 Minutes' Dies at 65

U.S. Rises in Auto Reliability Ratings

49ers Look to Relocate New Stadium

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