Conductor generates electricity
Xian Zhang is the classic American success story: an immigrant who, through sheer grit and stunning talent, is quickly rising to the top of her chosen profession.

Church concerts tune in to the tango
The sounds of Argentine tango will come to Cincinnati and Oxford later this week in free performances by trio Real Tango.

Get to it!
A guide to help make your day.

Dress a turkey
Enter the Enquirer's 14th annual Dress A Turkey contest. This year's contest has a new twist - the cyber turkey category.

The guy calls my voice mail seven times a day. His voice has been cut with a rusty blade. It's best friends with a carton of nonfiltered Camels. His voice talks too much.

Magician's monsters lurk in his `dungeon'
Who: Tom Rozoff, 48, of Milford, a professional magician and monster aficionado.
Writer-activist won't give up the fight
Martha Stephens has not abandoned the picket line.
`Adoption Diva' shows the way
Jane Kriege has a 10-inch-high binder that she can hardly look at without getting teary.
KENDRICK: Alive and well
American hearts were warmed last week when two high school football coaches creating a moment of uncontaminated pure goodness. For some of us, the fact that the moment took place on Ohio ground makes it even sweeter.

Dance world gives standing ovation to Ballet Russe
The dance community is still buzzing about the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo that opened Cincinnati Ballet's season last month and the attention it drew. It was a celebration of these sweetly nostalgic works that have not been seen for decades and a tribute to the 70-year career of artistic director emeritus Frederic Franklin.

It was February 1993 and playwright Mayo Simon was in Pittsburgh getting a play ready to open. Mr. Simon got sick. "I never get sick, and I really never get sick during rehearsals."
Celebrity isn't overwhelming Mayer
John Mayer is miffed at Entertainment Weekly.

Where to eat on Thanksgiving
Where to go for Thanksgiving if you're not eating at home...

Serve it this week: Blue Cheese
We do not know when or where cheese was first made. Roquefort was probably the first blue cheese produced. As early as the first century A.D., Roquefort was sent from France to Rome as a treat for the wealthy.
Holiday craft fairs and bazaars
        A guide to Tristate events.

Early look at Tall Stacks 2003
Two newcomers will join the world's largest gathering of historic riverboats, when Cincinnati's Tall Stacks Music, Arts & Heritage Festival recreates the steamboat era next October.

Technology news
        Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

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