Sunday, November 10, 2002

Church concerts tune in to the tango

Tour brings in international performers - and it's free

By Jackie Demaline
The Cincinnati Enquirer

The sounds of Argentine tango will come to Cincinnati and Oxford later this week in free performances by trio Real Tango.

[photo] Osvaldo Barrios, bandoneon, Hector Pineda, double bass, and Anibal Berraute, piano, are Real Tango.
Their settings will be as intriguing as the concerts. Real Tango is part of a relatively new initiative, a "faith-based institution tour," that brings international arts to places of worship.

"The idea is to bring arts where there are existing communities," says Judy Beaumier of Ohio Arts Presenters Network, partnering with Ohio Arts Council in the tour.

The goal is to create new audiences for the arts and to build cultural awareness, adds Kathy Cain, performing arts on tour coordinator for Ohio Arts Council.

"Church venues are wonderful. The acoustics are good, they're non-smoking, there's a warm atmosphere," Ms. Beaumier says.

"We have found so many families spend their leisure time in the places where they worship, they're comfortable going to those venues," Ms. Cain observes.

Real Tango performs traditional and original Argentine music on piano, double bass and bandoneon.

The Oxford concert is at noon Thursday at Oxford Presbyterian Church, 101 N. Main St., presented in partnership with Midday Music and Miami University Performing Arts Series. The Cincinnati performance is 7:30 p.m. Friday at Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church, 103 William Howard Taft Road, presented in partnership with Cincinnati Arts Association.

What neither Ms. Cain nor Ms. Beaumier can prophecy is long-term effect. Will people who attend a free concert in a place they're most comfortable reach outward? Will a single experience increase cultural understanding?

Giving people a first exposure to the arts is a start, says Ms. Cain. Expanded residencies are under discussion, and she's hoping to be able to do more.


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