Tuesday, October 29, 2002

You Asked For It

Heavy traffic gives turners right-of-way

QUESTION: Why are eastbound motorists on Muddy Creek Road permitted to turn right onto Neeb Road in Green Township without stopping? It is a three-way intersection. I doubt there have been frequent accidents, but this situation causes its share of finger waving. Wouldn't it be better to make it a stop and go using a red flashing light? - Joe Miller, Westwood

ANSWER: The most recent traffic count at this intersection, taken in July 2001 indicates that of 6,175 vehicles traveling eastbound, 78 percent, or 4,812, turn right onto Neeb, said Tom Langenbrunner of the Hamilton County Engineer's Office. Because of the heavy traffic in one direction, the existing traffic control is the most efficient in moving traffic with minimal delay. Mr. Langenbrunner said the intersection will be monitored.

Q: Now that the improvement has been completed at Cheviot and Hanley roads in Green Township, how about another improvement - allowing a right turn at Blue Rock and Cheviot roads? - H. Clayton Joerger, Green Township

A: Mr. Langenbrunner said there have been no changes since 1998 when Mr. Joerger first requested this change. Presently, northbound Blue Rock to Cheviot has a continuous green light. To permit a left turn from eastbound Blue Rock to northbound Cheviot would require interrupting the heavy northbound through movement - almost 10,000 vehicles a day.

Q: Ever since the new Fort Washington Way has been open, Second Street has enjoyed orange barrels blocking the north (left) lane. Rarely have I seen work being done. Are these barrels permanent? - Dusty Rhodes, Delhi Township

A: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said Second Street has remained closed to allow work on transit center elevators and along Second Street. The lane also has provided room for pedestrians. All work along Second Street is expected to be completed soon, and barrels should be removed in November.

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