Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Did Erpenbeck ever leave home without it?

By James McNair
The Cincinnati Enquirer

And you thought you had credit card problems.

Former home builder A. William “Bill” Erpenbeck was ordered Monday to pay the $353,473 due on his American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card. The decision was made by Kenton County Circuit Judge Greg Bartlett after Mr. Erpenbeck failed to respond to the bank's Aug. 16 lawsuit.

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The account statement attached to the lawsuit, dated April 5, shows no new spending, but says the account is past due. The delinquency charge? $10,258.

Although American Express was granted the default judgment, it must still stand in line with Mr. Erpenbeck's many other creditors.

Mr. Erpenbeck, now a resident of Fort Myers, Fla., is contesting a personal bankruptcy lawsuit and has been named in numerous civil lawsuits. He is also the subject of a federal bank fraud investigation.

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