Monday, October 21, 2002

Morning Memo

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Today's Number: 760,000 - Industrial robots in the world, with Japan home to almost half; second-place Europe with 220,000; followed by the United States with 100,000, according to the annual World Robotics Survey, a U.N. report.

Today's Money Tip: When you have stock in a company, you become part owner of that company. The shares you own rise and fall based on the company's profitability outlook. As a shareholder, you are entitled to quarterly updates on how the company is doing. You also might be issued a dividend, essentially your share of the company's profit. (Some companies prefer not to issue dividends but use profits to fuel the company's growth.)

Today's Career Talk: Every executive should consider deferring a timetable to the employee who is responsible for doing the actual work. Hiroshi Yamauchi, president of Nintendo, tells game developers to work on the game until they are finished. "Sometimes, the employees really do know best," Alex Hiam says in Making Horses Drink. "Part of the leader's wisdom is to know when to defer to them."


ATTENTION-GETTERS: A full-service advertising, marketing and communications firm, Strata-G has developed Strata-G Interactive, a separate unit that focuses on electronic communications. The agency has also ventured further into the areas of public relations, media buying and market research.

QUIZZING WEB VISITORS: A relatively new product, Stratagistics, uses a pop-up survey on client Web sites to assess the site's effectiveness and draw. The tool measures visitor motivation and satisfaction.

LOCKS AND BUGLES: Strata-G clients include the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, for which the firm created both a Web site and an online ticket sales program; the Cincinnati Pops; Totes Isotonor; Senco Tool; and Sargent and Greenleaf, maker of combination locks.

STRATA-GIC MOVE: In January, the agency moved into new, roomier quarters downtown to accommodate its growing staff and portfolio.

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