Sunday, October 20, 2002

Lots of Stones trivia rolling out of 40 years

By David Lindquist
The Indianapolis Star

The Rolling Stones are out on tour celebrating their 40th anniversary, with a concert today in Columbus.

• What: The Rolling Stones
• When: 7:30 p.m. today Where: Nationwide Arena, Columbus
• Tickets: $50-$300 at Ticketmaster outlets, 562-4949
Founding members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards played their first show as the Rolling Stones in 1962. Drummer Charlie Watts joined the band in 1963, and guitarist Ron Wood replaced Mick Taylor (who earlier had succeeded Brian Jones) in 1975.

The band's current tour features three-tiered blowouts in some cities. In Chicago, Mick and Co. appeared on three consecutive nights in three different venues: the United Center, Comiskey Park, and the Aragon Ballroom.

Whether you're headed out to catch a show or planning to buy the new Stones-career anthology Forty Licks, released earlier this month, here's a test to evaluate your knowledge of the Rolling Stones (answers follow):

1. What John Lennon-Paul McCartney composition served as the band's second single?

(A) "All My Loving"

(B) "It Won't Be Long"

(C) "I Wanna Be Your Man"

(D) "Revolution 9"

2. Who is pictured on the cover of 1970 live album "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out"?

(A) Keith Moon

(B) Peter Sellers

(C) Charlie Watts

(D) Dudley Moore

3. What NFL jersey did Mick Jagger wear during the 1981-82 tour?

(A) San Diego Chargers

(B) Baltimore Colts

(C) Philadelphia Eagles

(D) Miami Dolphins

4. Which of these singles failed to reach No. 1 in the United States?

(A) "Waiting On a Friend"

(B) "Miss You"

(C) "Paint It Black"

(D) "Get Off of My Cloud"

5. "Tropical Disease" was the working title for which album?

(A) "Beggars Banquet"

(B) "Exile on Main St"

(C) "Tattoo You"

(D) "Steel Wheels"

6. Who devised the zipper album cover for "Sticky Fingers?"

(A) Mick Jagger

(B) Robert Indiana

(C) Andy Warhol

(D) Marianne Faithfull.

7. Which band member was the first to record a solo album?

(A) Brian Jones

(B) Mick Jagger

(C) Keith Richards

(D) Bill Wyman

8. Keith Richards said, "I lifted every lick he ever played," when inducting what performer at the inaugural Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony?

(A) Jerry Garcia

(B) Jimmy Page

(C) Jimi Hendrix

(D) Chuck Berry

9. In 1984, Mick Jagger collaborated with which group to record the single "State of Shock"?


(B) DeBarge

(C) U2

(D) The Jacksons

10. What's the title of Bill Wyman's 1990 autobiography?

(A) Stone Alone

(B) Low End Theory

(C) Ace of Bass

(D) King's Road Memoirs


1. (C) "I Wanna Be Your Man"

2. (C) Charlie Watts

3. (C) Philadelphia Eagles

4. (A) "Waiting On a Friend" (No. 13 in 1981)

5. (B) "Exile on Main Street"

6. (C) Andy Warhol

7. (D) Bill Wyman ("Monkey Grip," 1974)

8. (D) Chuck Berry

9. (D) The Jacksons

10. (A) Stone Alone (De Capo Press, 1997, $19)