Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Tristate Best Sellers List


        1. (-) Nights in Rodanthe, Nicholas Sparks (Warner; $22.95) A mother shares the details of a doomed affair from her past to ease her daughter's pain.

        2. (-) Mission Compromised, Oliver North (Broadman & Holman Publishers; $24.99) Career Marine's new assignment gives him the opportunity to avenge the death of his younger brother.

        3. (-) Shrink Rap, Robert B. Parker (Putnam; $24.95) Third novel in the Sunny Randall series has Sunny investigating a psychiatrist and seeing one.

        4. (3) Blessings, Anna Quindlen (Random House; $24.95) A foundling finds an unlikely family and brings unexpected joy.

        5. (-) The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks (Warner; $12.95) The romantic dilemma of choosing between Mr. Respectable and Mr. Exciting is recounted in the writings of an Alzheimer's patient that has forgotten it all.

        6. (-) The Rescue, Nicholas Sparks (Warner; $7.50) Late-shift waitress and volunteer fireman may find healing if they can embrace love.

        7. (-) A Bend In the Road, Nicholas Sparks (Warner; $7.99) Love between a widower and a divorcee is threatened by their past.

        8. (-) From a Buick 8, Stephen King (Scribner; $28) A vintage car may be a portal bringing otherworldly creepy crawlers into our reality.

        9. (9) Charleston, John Jakes (E.P. Dutton; $26.95) Traces the early days through the Civil War.

        10. (-) No Certain Rest, Jim Lehrer (Random House; $23.95) Archaeologist attempts to solve the 100-year-old murder of a Union soldier.


        1. (6) Let Freedom Ring, Sean Hannity (Regan Books;$25.95) subtitled “Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism.”

        2. (-) The Leadership Challenge, Third Edition, James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner (Jossey-Bass; $27.95) How to “liberate the leader in everyone.”

        3. (-) Pilates for Everybody, Denise Austin ( Rodale; $24.95) subtitled “Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone With This Complete 3-Week Body Makeover.”

        4. (8) (-) The Introvert Advantage, Marti Olsen Laney (Workman; $14.95) subtitled “How to Thrive in an Extrovert World.”

        5. (-) Fair Play, Scott B. Lancaster and Bill Walsh (Prentice Hall Press; $14.95) subtitled “Making Organized Sports a Great Experience for Your Kids.”

        6. (-) Ava's Man, Rick Bragg (Random House; $13) Biography of the author's maternal grandfather.

        7. (-) Seabiscuit: An American Legend, Laura Hillenbrand (Ballatine; $15) Tale of the horse that became a champion.

        8. (-) Cincinnati's Coney Island, Charles J. Jacques Jr. ( $36.95) subtitled “America's Finest Amusement Park.”

        9. (-) John Adams, David McCullough (Touchstone; $18.95) Bio of the second president.

        10. (5) Let's Roll, Lisa Beamer (Tyndale House; $24.99) Subtitled “Finding Hope in the Midst of Crisis.”

        Participants: Books & Co., Joseph-Beth Booksellers and Montgomery Books. Based on sales ending week of Sept.29; (-) indicates a book was not on the list the previous week.


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