Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Cincinnati top 'CSI' town

        Cincinnati's Survivor mania keeps spreading - to other CBS shows. Not only was Cincinnati CBS' No. 1 Survivor market again Thursday, but the popularity has rubbed off on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Without a Trace.

        All three were No. 1 for all cities with overnight ratings. Channel 12's Survivor drew a 23.1 rating and 34 percent share of the audience.

        Ratings for CSI here jumped to 30.6, with a 42 percent share of the audience.

        Sacramento, Calif., tied Channel 12 with a 16.8 rating and 24 percent audience share for Without A Trace.

        It was the fourth time last week that Channel 12 was the top-rated market for a CBS show. CSI: Miami also was No. 1 among all affiliates with overnight ratings.

        The CSI: Miami popularity here can be attributed to stronger than usual CSI ratings from Survivor.

        Enquirering Mind: If Survivor won't take someone from here to be on the show, why not bring Survivor here?

        For the past two Survivors, creator Mark Burnett has broadcast the final vote count live from Los Angeles and New York.

        So why not from here?

        The recent Survivor “tribal council” settings obviously have been designed so they could be replicated in a U.S. city. So why not in CBS' No. 1 Survivor market?

        If CBS and Mr. Burnett have already set the Survivor: Thailand finale location, then let's think ahead to Survivor 6 next spring.

        Many places could accommodate the live telecast in May. The first place I think of is Paramount's Kings Island, a subsidiary of the media giant Viacom, which also owns CBS.

        Kings Island is near CBS' top three markets for the show, based on last week's ratings. Columbus was No. 2 market (18.5 rating and 27 percent share) and Dayton was No. 3 (18.3 rating and 28 percent share).

        Let's try to bring Survivor to Cincinnati. Send letters to: Mark Burnett, Survivor executive producer, CBS Television, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036; or to Les Moonves, CBS Television president, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.

        More "Survivor': In a column about the popularity of different network shows in various cities, Brian Lowry of the Los Angeles Times wrote last week:

        “Survivor: Thailand rang up an 11.9 rating in L.A. (on Sept. 26), just a hair below the national average. In the asphalt jungle of New York, the show clocked in at a mere 9.6.

        “As for Survivor's highest rating? Look no farther than Cincinnati, where the show notched a whopping 24.6 rating - meaning nearly a quarter of that city's homes tuned in, over twice the national average.

        “My best guess is that with the Bengals opening the football season 0-4, and the Reds finishing 19 games out of first place, Ohioans are either desperate for entertainment or fuzzy on whether the whole "Outwit. Outlast. Outplay' thing constitutes a legitimate sport.”

        Channel 9 news: The musical chairs game has started at WCPO-TV. Kathrine Nero told viewers Sunday night she's moving from sports reporter-anchor to co-anchor the 5-7 a.m. news. News anchor David Rose and sports anchor Dennis Janson also have auditioned on the morning news the past two weeks.

        A revamped morning show, and new news desk, will be unveiled later this month.

        WGUC-FM news: The fall WGUC-FM (90.9) fund drive closed Friday with $252,653, more than $2,600 over goal, and 369 new members. Station officials are more than pleased, considering the station was not at full power during the drive because of construction.

        Radio waves: Robert Beemon's You're On The Air With Mr. Rhythm Man has expanded to three hours, 6-9 p.m. Saturday on WNKU-FM (89.7).

        He notes, quite modestly: “Your daddio on the raddio still spins the maximum in rhythm and blues/roll and soul, guaranteed to blister your transistor and put a fever in your receiver!”

        On Saturday, former colleague Niki Dakota, now at WYSO-FM in Yellow Springs, will appear on Mr. Rhythm Man.

        Cable news: Jerry Nachman, MSNBC editor in chief, has moved his weekday show from 7 p.m. to 5 p.m. to open the 7 p.m. slot for Countdown: Iraq with Lester Holt. It premiered Monday.

        TV tonight: NBC's Just Shoot Me returns for a seventh season (why?) with Rena Sofer (General Hospital) as magazine consultant Vicki Costa (8:30 p.m., Channels 5, 22) . . .

        Former Saturday Night Live regular Ana Gasteyer plays a bureaucrat on Frasier (9 p.m., Channels 5, 22) . . .

        Animal Planet airs a second Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom special, “Great Cats of India” (8 p.m.).


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