Sculptor of experience
        Margot Gotoff has lived in Geneva, Rio, Rome, Budapest and Prague. She was not a member of the international jet set, merely on her way to discovering her “essence.” At 61, she has learned who she is: a sculptor of extraordinary talent.

KIESEWETTER: 'Twilight Zone' misses Serling
        Two words why UPN's revival of The Twilight Zone probably won't succeed: Rod Serling.

Tell us your wedding stories
        Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction. We want your unusual stories, funny and/or embarrassing moments, uncomfortable situations, unique celebrations.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.
DAUGHERTY: Losers' self-esteem will get them in trouble
        Ed likes losing because in a school of winners, losing makes Ed different. Ed says losing is “interesting.”

Prize Possessions: Elvis memorabilia
        Beverly Norris, 58, is a program associate at Miami University Art Museum and collector of Elvis memorabilia.

Singles panelists find friends, not dates
        Those brave souls who volunteered for the singles panel for the Enquirer series, “Single in Cincinnati,” got a lot of different reactions after its run in August. A couple of them report great changes since the summer. Some said after the initial flurry of attention, their lives pretty much went back to normal.

KENDRICK: Volunteer, 94, proof that everyone has something to give
        On her 91st birthday, Mary Louise Fleming stopped driving, but she didn't stop doing.

DEMALINE: Frugal theatergoers can find bargains
        Thanks to everyone who responded to my Sept. 22 column about the outstanding 2002-03 live theater season Cincinnati is enjoying. The majority of responses can be boiled down to: “. . . but it's so expensive!” It doesn't have to be, if you're willing to plan and be creative.

Runaway cow ordeal leads to Max exhibit
        Remember the runaway cow? Of course you do. And so does artist Peter Max who arranged for her to live out her life with two of his friends in an animal rescue facility in upstate New York.

Boomer acts remain Riverbend's hottest tickets
        Tristate lawns had it rough this summer, but the drought of 2002 was particularly tough on the grass at Riverbend. Owners of the area's busiest concert venue couldn't be more pleased.

Movie retells Kent State story
        It has been more than 30 years since a rowdy anti-war demonstration at Kent State University ended with four students shot dead by National Guardsmen.

Campbell's Scoop: All-you-can-eat sushi
        Where to get all the sushi you want:

MARTIN: Roasted chicken, done in detail
        My new favorite coobook is The Zuni Cafi Cookbook (Norton; $35), written by Judy Rodgers, chef-owner of the San Francisco restaurant.

Technology news
        Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

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