Sunday, October 06, 2002

List of P&G directors

        Inside directors

        Bruce Byrnes, 54, vice chairman and president of global beauty care and health care. Board member since April 2002.

        Kerry Clark, 50, vice chairman and president, market development and business operations. Board member since April 2002.

        A.G. Lafley, 55, chairman, president and chief executive. Board member since June 2000.

        John Pepper, 64, retired chairman. Board member since 1984.

        Outside directors

        Norman Augustine, 67, retired chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp. Board member since 1989.

        Scott Cook, 50, chairman of executive committee of Intuit Inc., and a former P&G brand manager. Board member since 2000.

        Domenico DeSole, 58, chairman and CEO of Gucci Group N.V. Director since 2001.

        Richard Ferris, 65, retired co-chairman of Doubletree Corp. Director since 1979.

        Joseph Gorman, 64, retired chairman and CEO of TRW Inc. Director since 1993.

        Lynn Martin, 62, professor at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, former U.S. Secretary of Labor. Director since 1994.

        Charles Lee, 62, chairman of Verizon Communications. Director since 1994.

        Johnathan Rodgers, 56, former president of Discovery Networks U.S. Director since 2001.

        John Smith Jr., 64, chairman of General Motors Corp. Director since 1995.

        Ralph Snyderman, 62, chancellor for health affairs and executive dean, Duke University School of Medicine. Director since 1995.

        Robert Storey, 66, partner, Thompson Hine LLP in Cleveland. Director since 1988.

        Marina N. Whitman, 67, professor of business administration and public policy, University of Michigan. Director since 1976.

        Ernesto Zedillo, 50, former president of Mexico. Director since 2001.


        Executive committee: John Pepper, chairman; A.G. Lafley, Richard Ferris, Joseph Gorman.

        Compensation committee: Norman Augustine, chairman; Scott Cook, Charles Lee, Marina Whitman, Joseph Gorman.

        Finance committee: Richard Ferris, chairman; Ernesto Zedillo, Joseph Gorman, Lynn Martin, John Pepper, Ralph Snyderman.

        Board organization and nominating committee: Marina Whitman, chairwoman, Domenico DeSole, Charles Lee, John Smith, Lynn Martin, Ralph Snyderman, Robert Storey.

        Audit committee: John Smith, incoming chairman; Domenico DeSole, Charles Lee, Johnathan Rodgers.

        Public policy committee: Robert Storey, chairman; Richard Ferris, Ernesto Zedillo, John Smith, Lynn Martin, John Pepper.

        Innovation and technology committee: Ralph Snyderman, chairman; Scott Cook, Norman Augustine, Johnathan Rodgers.


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