Tuesday, September 17, 2002

What's Tristaters Are Reading

        Laura Powell, WMOJ-FM (MOJO94.9) morning co-host

        Patti's Pearls: Lessons in Living Genuinely, Joyfully, Generously by Patti LaBelle and Laura Rudolph Lancaster (Warner; $19.95)

        “I recently picked up this book because Patti LaBelle has always been fascinating, and because I am in the middle of some major life changes - new job, new city, new home and new people - which can be a bit frightening and wonderful at the same time. Patti's Pearls is filled with "pearls of wisdom' . . . that can be inspiring and, if followed, can save us from painful mistakes.”

        Chip Chinery, Los Angeles comedian, actor

        Ball Four by Jim Bouton (Wiley; $15)

        “There used to be a time, before TV shows like Springer, when people kept their dirty laundry out of public view. So when this very candid book about life in baseball came out in 1970, it upset everyone involved. This book is funny, and knocks down the pedestals upon which baseball fans often put players and coaches.”

        - John Kiesewetter

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