Monday, September 09, 2002

Morning Memo

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        Today's Number: 38.9% - The rate of employment for teens ages 16 to 19 on a seasonally adjusted basis during June and July of this year, a 37-year low for teen summer employment, a Northeastern University researcher found in a study done for the National League of Cities.

        Today's Money Tip: Following the roller coaster called the stock market is no easy task. Several news media organizations offer financial news and analysis through their Web sites. One is Bloomberg,, offering a range of financial news.

        Today's Career Talk: Public speakers should always try to smile often, and if you can get the audience to smile, expect an immediate dividend of increased attention, say Jessica Selasky and Dorothy Lynn in Your Public Speaking Workout. “We live with the principle that laughter precedes learning,” Ms. Selasky says.

        Today's Company: WEBBY DANCE COMPANY

        HAVE TAPS, WILL TRAVEL: Helen Marshall began taking dance into schools 28 years ago, when she realized that working parents often couldn't fit children's dance lessons into their schedules. Her Fairfield-based company travels to more than 50 day-care centers, and private and public schools weekly, instructing more than 800 children. Ms. Marshall's daughter operates Webby Dance Co. in California, and the company has expanded through four franchises: three in California and one in Dayton.

        MULTIPLE MOVES: Children are exposed to a combination of tumbling, tap and creative dance. Adult evening classes in tap, jazz and hip-hop are offered at Webby's Fairfield studio.

        EIGHT FEET ARE BETTER THAN TWO: The name and dancing spider logo grew from a need to create a character with which preschoolers would identify.

        WEBBY AT HOME: Ms. Marshall plans to develop TV-based instruction that will enable children to learn simple dance movements in their homes.

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