Monday, September 09, 2002

Disney raises park ticket to $50

The Associated Press

        ORLANDO, Fla. — The price for an adult single-day ticket to any of Disney's four central Florida theme parks was raised $2 on Sunday to $50 before taxes, making the parks the area's most expensive by a nickel.

        The increase was timed for the end of the summer vacation season, said Disney spokesman Rick Sylvain.

        The company also is raising the price of multiday passes but said it will offer a discount to visitors who purchase them in advance.

        The price of a four-day pass bought at the park will rise $7 to $199, but will be available for $192 if purchased online, over the phone, at Disney Stores outside the state or through a travel agent.

        The company said that through Nov. 17, Florida residents will be able to buy a four-day pass good for admission to all Disney parks for $109.

        Disney last raised prices in January 2001.

        SeaWorld raised its prices in January 2002, and Universal Orlando last raised its prices in March 2002.

        Universal Orlando's adult single-day price is $49.95, and Sea World charges $44.95 per adult.


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