Sunday, August 25, 2002

Page Two power rankings

Enquirer staff

        Top five

        1. Prep football. Sure, it's hotter than you-know-what out. But it's always great to get the high school season going. Cheerleaders. Bands. Little kids running around the field. Local rivalries. And darn good play on the field.

        2. The Little League World Series. It's been one heck of a tournament. Close games, exciting endings, the nervous looks of the parents. Those little buggers can play. Maybe the 12-year-olds could keep playing and we can send the major leaguers to their rooms.

        3. Cranky Marty and Joe on Reds radio. The weather gets hotter, the Reds' play gets shabbier and the radio legends' patience gets paper thin. Whether it's Marty's “Here we go again!,” or “He couldn't have hit that with an ironing board,” to Nux's increased frustration with Bob Boone: “Here's another pitching change. We must be in the seventh game of the World Series.” Classic.

        4. SportsCenter. Is ESPN's countdown to the 25,000th episode a bit overdone? Sure. But the highlight show has changed the way we follow sports.

        5. The Oakland Athletics. They aren't the richest of clubs, but they know how to build a winner. And they know where their future fans will be coming from. The A's donated $2,500 to the Aptos (Calif.) Little League team to defray costs of traveling to Williamsport, Pa., for the World Series.

        Bottom five

        1. The Bengals quarterback controversy. How in the name of Dewey Warren did they get themselves into this position? Jon Kitna, Gus Frerotte and now Akili Smith? Didn't someone once say that if you have a quarterback controversy then you don't have a quarterback?

        2. The Major League Players Association and owners. If we have to tell you, you must have been living in a cave. (Or just too wrapped up in the WNBA playoffs to notice this little labor difficulty they're having).

        3. The World Basketball Championships. The one commercial actually suggests that you can go see Algeria play. Nothing against Indianapolis, the tournament host, but how much basketball is too much? Can't the nearly nine month NBA season suffice?

        4. Ohio State football. Coach Jim Tressel has been strict in disciplining his players. Trouble is, he's had to do it far too frequently. Let's hope he's still just cleaning up what was left of the John Cooper mess.

        5. The Venus and Serena Williams bashers. With the U.S. Open about to begin Monday, the whispers are creeping in about how the sisters' dominance is ruining the game. Horse hockey. If the women's players are tired of it they should go out and beat them once in a while.


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