Thursday, August 15, 2002 -- Volume 7, No. 224
Mayor 'mothballs' expansion
Delta Air Lines' decision to pull its name off of an expanded convention center shattered an already fragile consensus over where to expand, how to expand and who will pay for it.

Scary flight renews concerns
A Comair flight that nearly crashed into the Atlantic has triggered a new call for tougher regulations on the type of plane - the same one as in a Comair crash that killed 29 in 1997.
Passenger: 'Everyone knew how close we came'

[photo] Giant hive

An enormous beehive just 5 feet from a jogging trail in Fort Thomas was painstakingly relocated by an expert who could hardly believe his eyes.

Baseball union in Boone blood
As a player, Reds manager Bob Boone helped lead the midseason strike of 1981. Now his son may lead the Reds into another work stoppage.
Baseball labor talks stall

D'backs 7, Reds 2
Jason LaRue couldn't catch Jared Fernandez' knuckleball - three passed balls and a wild pitch in the first inning - and the Reds fell another game behind the Cardinals and Astros.

Ohio's first with West Nile
Two Ohioans — one from Columbus, one from the Cleveland area — have become the state's first “probable” victims of the West Nile virus.

Insanity plea in prof's killing
The woman accused of killing a Miami University professor objected when her attorney pleaded her not guilty by reason of insanity.

Family gathering bittersweet
Shirley Merrick was surrounded by family and friends on May 17, the day lost her long battle with diabetes. But she'll be honored a this year's Black Family Reunion.
Reunion thrives thanks to 14-year matriarchs
Black Family Reunion

Complete local news report

Boy home after rare brain surgery
Candidate tries to disqualify opponent
Crayons to Computers: A program that works
Hospital diversions increase from 2001
Neighbors fight church addition

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Complete sports report

Oregon fills UC's nonconference schedule
UC pins hopes on Guidugli
Larson gets first look at Unit
Burris just what Bengals needed
NFL Season Preview

    • More sports news...

Complete business report

Record set for bankruptcy filings
Tristate companies meet deadline
'Regulate us, please,' Ky. title agents ask
Small firm learned hard lesson
Morning Memo
Latest Wall Street update

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

Nurse-turned-DJ lives in spin city
Breezy 'Message' is latest word on the Bible
Q&A: Film commission chief is enjoying the action
'Loving You' idea ahead of its time
Get to it

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Updated AP report
Iraq Delivers Arms Declaration to U.N.
Endeavour Lands After Three-Day Delay
Economy, Politics Spark Cabinet Shake-Up
Blasts Kill 15, Injure 200 in Bangladesh
Louisiana to Decide Final Senate Race
2 Van Goghs Stolen From Amsterdam Museum
Miss Turkey Wins Miss World Competition
No. 1 Miami Tops Virginia Tech 56-45

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