Tuesday, August 13, 2002

What Tristaters Are Reading

        Richard Beavers, Fairfield:

        April 1865: The Month that Saved America by Jay Winik (Harper Perennial; $14.95).

        “I wanted to learn a little more about the Civil War. This book focuses on what became the vital month in that long and bloody war. It is filled with interesting information, it reads exceptionally well, and covers a period of high drama for the young U.S. (i.e., the fall of Richmond, Lee's surrender, the Gettysburg Address, the end of slavery, Lincoln's assassination, and the North/South reconciliation).”

        Brett Smith, Oxford:

        Cantaloupe Trees by Laura L. Smith (PublishAmerica Inc.; $16.95).

        “I am reading it to my daughter, Maddie. This entertaining tale by a local author is a rarity in that it teaches strong morals to today's kids. This is a fantasy set in classic fairy-tale format, yet its message is stronger than most kids books. How refreshing to share this story with my daughter and to support local talent at the same time!”


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