Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Donate to film and watch the credits roll

        Well, that's one way to get your name up on the big screen. Kick in some bucks.

        That from Janie Frey, who's helping raise money to finish the film Three Barbecues by Cincinnati filmmakers Molly Donnellon, Jay Metz, Laura Robinson and Rob Gray.

        Made with all locals, including Jean-Robert de Cavel of the soon to open Jean-Robert at Pigall's, the send-up of what the filmmakers call patio culture follows a group of eccentrics to three barbecues in one day.

        So anyway, the film is shot and now in the post-production phase. That's where you come in: They need bucks to finish it and have come up with a plenty novel way of raising them.

        To wit: For $75 they make you a member of the Golden Griller's Club. That gets you a screen credit, a certificate and a chance to have de Cavel make dinner for six at your house.

        For $50, they make you a member of the Deviled Egg Nut Club. That gets you a screen credit, certificate and a chance to win a barbecue for 25 at your home, complete with some of the cast and crew. Having them loose in your home sounds kind of dangerous, but it's a meal.

        You can sign up at www.threebarbecues.com.

        More food: So then, you'll recall one Shauna McKenzie, the 28-year-old Pleasant Ridge sales rep and photographer who in June launched Food Chain Cincinnati with three goals in mind: Get more people out and about, strike a blow for diversity and expose more locals to ethnic food.

        She did it by organizing a “dine around” where people agreed to be randomly assigned to dining groups, say, you, your spouse, and six new people, for an evening of conversation and big platefuls of ethnic food.

        More than 80 signed up and loved it. Of the 70 diners who filled out comment cards, 65 asked for an encore.

        So it's Aug. 22, 23, 24 (you pick the best day for you) and she's taking sign-ups, e-mailing everybody she can to double June's crowd.

        Wanna go? E-mail her at mckenziesj@msn.com or call 476-6425. The August restaurants are Simone's, Kaldi's, Ambar India, China Gourmet, Moy Moy, Mecklenburg Gardens, Manhattan West, Su Casa and the new East African Restaurant.

        By the book: Charles Infosino is moving right along with his book plans. Infosino, recall, is the 29-year-old Northern Kentuckian who spends tons of free time at Paramount's Kings Island, digging up information for an “everything you ever wanted to know” book.

        Wellsir, it looks like it will be here next spring, in plenty of time for summer trips. Orange Frazer Press is reading, suggesting changes and additions even as we speak.

        The book, with tips on everything from ride history to biggest thrills, best food, cheapest food, shopping tips, accommodations, even best time to visit a specific ride, is 130-ish pages and called A Visitor's Guide to Paramount's Kings Island.
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