Monday, August 12, 2002

You can run, lift in same day

As long as you treat your body right

By David Patania

        Question: I play girls high school soccer and lift weights. Is it safe to lift weights and run on the same day? I usually run later on in the day after lifting early in the day.

        Answer: There are many approaches and philosophies on how to mix lifting and running, but the bottom line is that you are doing both and that is great. Just be sure to stay in line with what your coaches want you to do so that you will fit right in to their system.

        Yes, you can lift weights then run later on in the day, because that is a popular way of getting a lot done in one day. Some people get everything done in one shot by a weightlifting session followed by a brisk run or wind-sprint session shortly after hitting the weights; others lift during the day and do running sessions at night.

        However you decide to do it, just be sure to properly warm up/stretch before exercising and cool down/stretch after you finish.

        Be sure to keep your body constantly fueled up with balanced, healthful meals, and drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated while running in nasty heat. Be sure to lift weights with proper form and technique and keep your body strong and lean by eating healthful foods like chicken/turkey breast, brown rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli and moderate amounts of fruit for some natural sweetness.

        Remember, you are an athlete, so stay away from all the junk like fast food, fried foods, candy, cookies, doughnuts and sugar-packed drinks like soda pop, sports drinks and juice box products. Keep it simple by making water the main liquid you drink, with the occasional sports drink or fresh juice for flavor.

        Avoiding junk foods will make your body a lot more efficient and better able to recover from all the activity that you are doing, thus producing optimum performance. Try eating totally “clean” for just a few weeks and you will notice a big difference in your performance, so just imagine how you will perform if you eat “clean” all the time.
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