Wednesday, August 07, 2002

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Today's Number: $18.1 billion

        Redemptions of U.S. equity mutual funds in June, as stock market losses led to the first monthly outflow since September, industry tracker Investment Company Institute said.

Today's Mover

        Matt Strippelhoff has been named vice president, experience strategy, at Metaphor Studio LLC. Mr. Strippelhoff graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a bachelor of fine arts degree in communication design.

— Shirley Dees

Today's Money Tip

        Although all state-sponsored college savings plans are open to residents of other states, incentives such as state tax benefits are typically available only for in-state residents. So if you want to invest in another state's so-called 529 plan, be sure its advantages outweigh losing those benefits.

— Amy Higgins

Today's Career Advice

       In Your Public Speaking Workout by local author Jessica Selasky and her mother, Dorothy Lynn, the writers explore the power of a smile.

        Public speakers should always try to smile two or three times more often than they think is necessary while giving a speech, and if you can get the audience to smile as well, expect an immediate dividend of increased attention. “We live with the principle that laughter precedes learning,” Ms. Selasky says.

— John Eckberg

Today's Company: Hunting Industrial Coatings

        Finishing Touches: Woodlawn-based Hunting Industrial Coatings is part of Hunting PLC, a high-tech group whose interests are divided into defense and oil categories.

        The coatings company specializes in high performance, anti-corrosion and other finishes that use resin technology.

        Its products are used in transportation, general industrial, fiber cement product, drinking water contact and pipe lining applications.

        In The Water, In The Air: Hunting PLC began in 1874, founded by Charles Hunting, whose family became ship owners in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

        The enterprising Huntings went on to build a fleet of general cargo ships, including early oil tankers.

        As the aircraft industry developed, Hunting invested in it. By mid-20th century, Hunting Group had moved into reinforced plastics and boat building.

        Coatings For Many Customers: The company's coatings include waterborne and zinc-enriched materials, along with acrylics, polyesters, vinyl and polyurethane.

— Jenny Callison



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