Monday, July 29, 2002

You Asked For It

All signs point to change

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: In Mount Adams, at the intersection of St. Gregory and Hill streets, the stop sign serving St. Gregory is so far from the corner it is impossible to see if cars are coming from either direction on Hill Street. The situation forces motorists on St. Gregory to pull into the intersection, forcing drivers coming up Hill Street to swerve. Can the sign be moved to the corner? - Don Gray, Mount Adams

        ANSWER: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the unique character of the Mount Adams area with its narrow streets, steep grades and high parking demand places a greater need on driver caution as they often need to pull up beyond stop signs and yield to traffic. The stop sign at this intersection must be placed at its location to ensure turning vehicles will not knock it down.

        An investigation at this intersection revealed occasions when two vehicles attempted to exit St. Gregory Street side by side, which can create visibility concerns. The St. Gregory approach will be repainted to reduce the intersection to a single lane to help alleviate the visibility concern, he said.

        Q: When exiting Suncrest Drive onto Herschel Avenue in Mount Lookout, it is difficult to see traffic coming from either direction. Can parking be further restricted to ensure safety in pulling out of Suncrest? - Edward M. Schwein, Mount Lookout

        A: Mr. Bailey said an investigation resulted in a decision to extend the parking restriction on Herschel north of Suncrest. A work order has been issued to remove one parking space to improve visibility of oncoming traffic. Work will be done this month.

        Q: Who is responsible for the upkeep of the “Welcome to Ohio” signs at state borders? The sign on Interstate 275 coming from Kentucky near Kellogg Avenue is so bad, it is embarrassing. - Dave Cochran, Madisonville

        A: Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said the department is aware of the condition. The state changed the design of welcome signs, and ODOT had to wait until a new design was finalized and signs became available. A new sign will be installed this month.

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