Saturday, July 27, 2002 -- Volume 7, No. 205
Day of celebration, lessons
Cincinnati's newest police officers report to work starting Sunday after a graduation ceremony heavy with lessons about honesty and respect.

Rookies get busy
Levi Jones and Lamont Thompson, the Bengals' top two draft picks, were in uniform and on the field for the skills session that opened training camp.
Bengals brimming with confidence

Police bust cocaine ring
Just hours after two young men sold undercover officers 5 ounces of cocaine, the Butler County Sheriff's office made six arrests and its largest cocaine seizure ever.

Inspectors wait to visit complex
Concerned residents of Woodbridge on the Lake called Butler County health officials Friday, worried that recent discoveries of mold infestation in some apartments might be harmful to their health.

Bad-debt reform in works
Americans will have a tougher time escaping their debts through bankruptcy, under a compromise reached by legislators late Thursday night.

[img] Fehr: No strike?
Donald Fehr, head of the Major League Baseball Players Association, rolls his eyes and laughs at the suggestion that he's the most powerful labor leader in America.
Mets 3, Reds 2

Delta studies low-cost rivals
Delta Air Lines has finished a study on its low-cost competition and could be looking at ways to combat the likes of Southwest, AirTran, JetBlue and ATA.

Hicks rebuilding strength in leg
UC's Eric Hicks looked completely wiped out dragging himself across the Shoemaker Center floor.

Complete local news report

Volunteers harder to find as spirit of Sept. 11 fades
Settlement plan gets $75,000
Three injured as van, train collide
Clermont coroner resigns
Jury acquits Bristol's dancer

    • More local news...

Complete sports report

Day of upsets sees 3 of 8 top seeds fall
New division, same intensity
Bengals training camp schedule
Abnormal heart tests sideline Jackson
Deveroes' finest strut their stuff
Today's Tour de France updates

    • More sports news...

Complete business report

Call for Kroger Co. elections brushed off
Hotel occupancy rates hit 2-year high
Engine alliance gets FedEx contract
Savvy Strategies
What's the Buzz?

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

Do's and don'ts on decks
Growing awareness
Taking pleasure in the yard
Zinnias make sense for Zinzinnatians
Get to it

    • More tempo news...

Updated AP report
Iraq Delivers Arms Declaration to U.N.
Endeavour Lands After Three-Day Delay
Economy, Politics Spark Cabinet Shake-Up
Blasts Kill 15, Injure 200 in Bangladesh
Louisiana to Decide Final Senate Race
2 Van Goghs Stolen From Amsterdam Museum
Miss Turkey Wins Miss World Competition
No. 1 Miami Tops Virginia Tech 56-45

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