Saturday, July 20, 2002

Pros on hot seat in Celebrity Classic

But win or lose, Children's reaps benefit

By Carey Hoffman
Enquirer contributor

        The pressure figures to be on the pros at this weekend's Fifth Third Bank/Fox 19 Celebrity Classic.

        First, they have to negotiate 36 holes on live television at the event's new site, Belterra Casino Resort golf course. And if they're fortunate enough to win, the real pressure will be walking around a casino with $10,000 in their pocket.

        “We're excited about this whole Belterra thing,” said former Bengals receiver Cris Collinsworth, who co-hosts the event with former Reds catcher Johnny Bench. “This is a huge hotel with a great golf course ...”

        Seventeen area professionals and 17 top amateurs have been invited. The first year's winner, Jim Herman, came from the amateur side. Last year's champion was California Golf Course pro Larry King.

        Joining them are celebrity players including Pro Football Hall of Famer Deacon Jones and new Bengals quarterback Gus Frerotte.

        Proceeds from the tournament go directly to Children's Hospital Medical Center.

        This is the third and final year of the contract signed with the sponsors.

        “The issue really is, will this go beyond this year?” Collinsworth said. “At the end of the golf tournament, we'll all sit down and see how everyone feels about it. If they want it to continue, great. If not, we've done some pretty amazing things in three years. We've raised almost $750,000 to benefit Children's Hospital.”

        Tee times:

        7 a.m. - Bill Kelly, Pete Ebel, John Peoppelman, Sonny Rinala
        7:10 a.m. - James Amann, Brad Wilder, John Prout, Tim Krapfel
        7:20 a.m. - Jim Berger, Brent Haswell, Matt Cushman, Scott Burnett
        7:30 a.m. - Mike Eckels, Bill Piliaris, Jason Yeager, Bob Stephens
        7:40 a.m. - Joe Jones, Justin Fender, Mike Ziegler, Sam Arnold
        7:50 a.m. - George Bohlen, Chris Straley, Donald E. Winder, Brian Jones
        8 a.m. - Robert Goering, David Allan, David Herche, Rick Witt
        8:10 a.m. - Ken Ramey, Marty Miller, James Wiesmann, Dennis Wells
        8:20 a.m. - John Mowat, Steve Rosner, Gord Rivington, Greg Sample
        8:30 a.m. - Eliot Phillips, Al Rice, William McAlister, Ken Smallwood
        8:40 a.m. - Chris Larbes, Rex Kottkamp, Tom Bach, TBA
        8:50 a.m. - Dave Otto, Brian Sweeney, Beth Otto, Ken Kaiser
        9 a.m. - Adrian Smith, Abe Collinsworth, Dudley Taft, John Bankemper
        9:10 a.m. - Chuck Gordon, Ickey Woods, Brian Holland, Scott Schilling
        9:20 a.m. - Dale Thomas, Jim Breech, Ron Quatemeyer, Tony Johnston
        9:30 a.m. - Tony Maas, Bruce Coslet, Eric Thomas, Jerry Lamire
        9:40 a.m. - Dean Perkins, Shawn McCaskey, Bob Trumpy, Brett Slater
        9:50 a.m. - Mike Schlotman, Tom Browning, Rick Vonhoene, Larry King
        10 a.m. - Tom Smith, Mark Williams, Oscar Robertson, John Ziegler
        10:10 a.m. - John Long, Kevin Hall, Bill Sheehy, Johnny Bench
        10:20 a.m. - Mark Knue, Angelo Colosimo, Mark Farley, Deacon Jones
        10:30 a.m. - Steve Schrantz, Jim Miller, Lee Majors, Robert Sibcy
        10:40 a.m. - Dave Pomeroy, David Macke, Boomer Esiason, Melissa Yeazell
        10:50 a.m. - Tom Johnson, Gus Frerotte, Max Meyers, Wil Daly
        11 a.m. - Steve Pomeroy, Taylor Metcalfe, Phil Simms, Bob Hauer
        11:10 a.m. - Shane Floyd, Bob Bowen, Todd Smithart, John Jackson
        11:20 a.m. - Jim Ellerhorst, Mike Sewell, Turk Schonert, Ken Anderson
        11:30 a.m. - John Brantley, Scott Ackerson, James Brown, Terrence Brown
        11:40 a.m. - George Molinsky, Charlie Luken, Rodger Bingham, Mark Clark
        11:50 a.m. - Jim Gaunt, Beasley Reece, Jim Anderson, Anthony Munoz
        12 p.m. - Jim Zenz, Jim Ebel, Bob Kevoian, Doug Ledford
        12:10 p.m. - Rich Apuzzo, Jim Volpenhein, Steve Altherr, Joey Hill
        12:20 p.m. - Greg Beckett, Mike Wurzer, Mike Molzberger, Bob Bratkowski
        12:30 p.m. - David Fischer, Max Montoya, Mark Jahnke, Bryan Fallis
        12:40 p.m. - John Kraft, Mack Wright, Jeff Jarvis, Wayne “Box” Miller
        12:50 p.m. - Matt O'Conner, Steve Wolfson, A.J. Martin, TBA

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