Monday, July 08, 2002

You Asked For It

'No turn on red' sign is there for a reason

By Walt Schaefer,
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: Why is there a “No Turn On Red” sign on Montgomery Road in Evanston turning onto southbound Interstate 71? This signal takes too long to turn green.
       Nicole Frederick

        ANSWER: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the signal at Brewster Avenue, Montgomery Road and I-71 is set to turn red for the right turn onto I-71 only when there are pedestrians in the crosswalks or when traffic exits Brewster. During these times right turns from Montgomery Road are not safe.

        Q: Rosemont Avenue has a problem with utility poles installed in the center of sidewalks, creating an absolute barrier to disabled and elderly individuals.
       Peter Witte
       Price Hill

        A: Most Rosemont Avenue sidewalks are next to the curb and range in width from 4 feet to 4.5 feet, said Sue Ernst of Cincinnati's Department of Transportation and Engineering. Utility poles are generally 8 to 10 inches from the curb leaving 24 to 35 inches of clear sidewalk.Some front yards rise sharply. The sidewalk likely was built this way because of topographical constraints. Two wheelchair users on Rosemont indicated a more immediate need for curb ramps; the city will be installing them.

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