Lafley and Pichler go shopping
        They are CEOs of the country's biggest consumer-goods company and the biggest grocery store chain. And here they are, at the Queen City Centre Kroger just off Interstate 75 and Mitchell Avenue, considering a sample platter of sushi.

I-71 land rush for retailers
        A new market is emerging in Cincinnati along Interstate 71 that apparel, big-box and specialty retailers all are rushing to tap.

Enron board knew, concludes Senate report
        WASHINGTON — Enron's board closed its eyes to evidence the company was heading for financial disaster, and claims by former directors that they were kept in the dark are untrue, a Senate report concludes.

As board probes Tyco, cynics point to conflicts
        EXETER, N.H. — Critics say at least three of Tyco's 10 current board members have potential conflicts of interest serious enough to raise questions about the objectivity of the internal investigation they are conducting into Tyco's finances.

What's the Buzz?
        For the second time in two months, Fifth Third Bancorp chief executive George A. Schaefer Jr. found himself breaking bread with former General Electric chairman Jack Welch.

Tipsheet improved
        The Cincinnati Enquirer's free daily e-mail business briefing is even easier to receive. How do you get it? Click here to register.

Welch becomes 'Six Sigma' booster
        CHANTILLY, Va. — The business world has its share of buzzwords, fads and mumbo-jumbo. And that's what former General Electric chief executive Jack Welch thought at first about Six Sigma.

Reading IGA becomes community center
        READING — Along with produce, meats and canned goods, Stephen Goessling stocks his grocery store with a generous supply of service and commitment. The owner of Reading IGA sees his role as one of stewardship.

Tristate Business Notes
        Downtown Loveland is home to a new art gallery. The Joseph Kinnebrew Gallery features the two- and three-dimensional works of the American artist.

Set limits on difficult clients
        Not all annoying customers are alike, so I've developed a field guide to difficult customers and suggestions on how to learn to live with the different types:

Business Meetings This Week

Commercial real estate projects & transfers

Erpenbeck archive
        A. William Erpenbeck spent years building a company that appears to be crumbling. One of the Tristate's biggest home builders, the Erpenbeck Co., is under federal investigation for a suspected bank fraud that is affecting lenders, subcontractors and home owners. Click here for links to all Enquirer reports.

Greater Cincinnati 100
        Manufacturing dominates the field among Greater Cincinnati's 100 biggest private companies.
11 companies break into top 100
List of Greater Cincinnati 100