Friday, July 5, 2002 -- Volume 7, No. 183
Clooney to be buried today
Maysville will bid farewell to singing star Rosemary Clooney at a 10 a.m. Mass open to the public.
Radio pays homage to Rosemary

A Fourth with fervor
Greater Cincinnatians came together to celebrate one of the most patriotic Fourths of July in memory.
Flag painted on front lawn
Firecracker injury needs surgery
Holiday weekend events

Heat alert ending
Slightly cooler weather is expected to breeze into the Tristate today.

West Chester a city? Idea cooks
West Chester's longtime administrator confidently predicts that the fast-growing township will become a city within 10 years.

Falling out of orbit
The Reds fell three games out of first place after closer Danny Graves blew a ninth-inning lead to Milwaukee.
Players may set strike date Monday

Hamburger hall of fame
It is time again to honor our all-American sandwich by inducting new members into the Greater Cincinnati Hamburger Hall of Fame.

FBI: Airport shooter Egyptian
The FBI today said it was an 41-year-old Egyptian man who killed two people at the ticket counter of Israeli airline El Al in Los Angeles.

Complete local news report

Truck flips at Lytle Tunnel - again
Police equipped for mentally ill
Empowerment takes new focus
Exhibit tracks man's mission

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Complete sports report

MRI gives shaky Williamson reassurance
Reds' pitching pool suddenly shallow
Enquirer Softball All-Stars
Updated Wimbledon coverage

    • More sports news...

Complete business report

GE Capital unit shrinks to get better
Industry notes: Manufacturing
Hummer menaces in new ad campaign
Mom revolutionizes diaper

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

So your kids want a dog ...
Bodily functions never fail to amuse a boy
On the Fridge

    • More tempo news...

Updated AP report
Iraq Delivers Arms Declaration to U.N.
Endeavour Lands After Three-Day Delay
Economy, Politics Spark Cabinet Shake-Up
Blasts Kill 15, Injure 200 in Bangladesh
Louisiana to Decide Final Senate Race
2 Van Goghs Stolen From Amsterdam Museum
Miss Turkey Wins Miss World Competition
No. 1 Miami Tops Virginia Tech 56-45

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Bronson: Drug fiends escalate war on city
Howard: Program will mold leaders
Kiesewetter: Vester takes 'Pulse'
Smith Amos: We're killing ourselves for pizza, fries

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