Saturday, June 29, 2002

Excerpts of Graham's sermon

        Here are excerpts from the Rev. Billy Graham's sermon Friday:

        “Many people think money is the answer to all of our problems, but there are limits to what money can do. Money will buy a bed, but not a night's sleep. It will buy books, but not brains. It will buy food, but not an appetite.

        “It will buy a house, but not a home. It'll buy medicine, but not health. Amusement, but not happiness. Religion, but not salvation. Money is very limited in what it can do.”

        “It can be a stumbling block. Scripture says it is the root of all evil ... Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?”

        “I was reading about something in the newspaper that I didn't know anything about. I thought it was another city. It was about that cow that got loose ... I was born and reared on a dairy farm. I was raised with cows, and I came out this way. I milked about 20 before I went to school and milked the same ones when I came back. I knew a certain way to call the cows ... This cow here in Cincinnati wandered around for a whole week. The people that were trying to capture him didn't know that certain way to call him, I guess.”

        “Then there is the problem of racism ... I'm praying God will use this mission to help at least a little bit in the climate of love and understanding between all of us.

        “There is also anti-semitism. In Europe, anti-semitism is raising its ugly head again. That's what Hitler tried to do, kill all the Jews. In the Holocaust, millions of Jewish people perished because they were Jews. Today, the same things are cropping up. We need to do everything we can to be friends and neighbors of the people who have been chosen by God to be his people, the Jewish people.

        “Bigotry of any kind is a sin in God's eyes.”

        “Tomorrow is going to be for the young people. You better wear your hearing aids; it will be a little loud.”


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