Act fast if skunk sprays the dog
        My dog decided last summer that he likes skunks — or chasing them. We decided that we like him better when he smells like a dog. What can we do to prevent spray odors — or get rid of them?

In my life: Trip to Peru opens eyes to suffering
        Ever since my brother Pritesh came back with tales of volunteer work in Ghana, Africa, I had wanted my own adventures in distant lands. When I was given a choice that included bicycling through Europe, trekking through Nepal, or traveling across India with my cousin, an avid explorer — I chose a different experience.

Technology news
        Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.

Chung debuts on front lines of TV cable wars
        NEW YORK — Even a veteran of network television booking battles like Connie Chung has found the last few weeks seeking guests for her new prime-time CNN news hour to be eye-opening.

'Guiding Light' makes TV history
        In the rehearsal room at Guiding Light, several actors are practicing a musical number. To be aired July 4, it's a fantasy sequence visualized by ailing Rick Bauer, who will jump to his feet from his wheelchair (he desperately awaits a heart transplant) and do a little hoofing, accompanied by pompon girls, to the tune of “The Yankee Doodle Boy.”

Gutsy advice columnist Landers will be missed
        Long before Judge Judy, Dr. Laura and Oprah's Dr. Phil were shaking their fingers at those seeking their counsel, there was advice columnist Ann Landers.

Kid Rock channels Hank Jr. in concert
        After doing heavy promotion on the road for his latest record Cocky, the Kid Rock tour is taking a month-and-a-half-break. His last order of business before the vacation was Saturday night's show at Riverbend.

'Minority,' 'Lilo & Stitch' in dead heat
        LOS ANGELES — Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg wound up in a dead heat with a cartoon kid and her goofy alien pal.

Nostalgia rock double bill not good company
        “They say we got time for one more,” Foreigner singer Lou Gramm told the Riverbend crowd at 10:40 p.m. Friday. Whoever told Mr. Gramm that fib is the merciful sort.

You'll die laughing at NKU's 'Murder'
        The opener of Northern Kentucky University's summer dinner theater season, Murder at the Howard Johnson's, has what you would expect from this 1970s summer stock sex and mayhem farce.

Fit Bits
        Research — Unclogged: Eating meals high in fat and calories or glucose causes a spike in the blood's inflammatory components, researchers at the University at Buffalo say.

Too few calories can drain your body's energy
        Question: I am a busy woman who loves to exercise but my workouts make me tired, and by the end of the day, I am totally drained. I thought exercise was supposed to give you energy.

Color Fourth of July desserts red, white and blue
        Desserts, just as much as other treats and confections, can take on a patriotic air for special occasions.

Don't spend the whole summer cooking
        CONCORD, N.H. — A great summer meal is one that gets you out of the kitchen, or at least minimizes your time in it.

Food festival cookbook offers a taste of every state
        NEW YORK — From famous Maine lobsters to Alaska's not-so-cooperative crabs, food enthusiast Becky Mercuri urges anyone with a taste for fun to go out and eat America!

July 4 TV marathon samples All-American food festivals
        NEW YORK — Garlic and Gilroy — the words sound so good together, how could they not form a durable connection?

Let the flames, and the grilling, begin
        WILTON, Conn. — These are writers with credibility: Co-authors of eight cookbooks, Chris Schlesinger and John “Doc” Willoughby wrote their first grill book in 1990, “The Thrill of the Grill” (Morrow). It won a James Beard Award.

Read up on advice and recipes from grill specialists
        NEW YORK — Guess what: The ranks of available cookbooks, never sparse, are generously plumped out with grilling and barbecue titles. Did someone drop a hint about a favorite American summer pastime that's now a year-round choice for many cooks?

Three potato salads to serve at grilled feasts
        Whether you're looking for a traditional potato salad recipe or an ethnic variation, these three recipes for the classic favorite may prove helpful to have around, especially at barbecue season.

Veggies make great-tasting grilling
        Summer weather adds impetus to the perennial appeal of turning to the grill for as many cooking adventures as possible.

DJ's living a dream
        After remodeling the master bathroom for his new bride at their Indian Hill home or drywalling around a hall skylight, Dennis Janson is ready to go to work.

Home in on Homearama
        The only reason not to go to Homearama is that you'll come home and want to level your house and start over.

Summer camp guide
The Enquirer's annual guide to summer camps for kids is a where-to list for sports, arts, academics, nature and more. And it's only available online.

Cammys show honors city, musical heritage
        The best musicians in Cincinnati played for each other, honored each other, complimented each other and exchanged hugs at the sixth annual Cammy Awards Sunday at Jillian's.
List of Cammy winners

Women of the Year
        We celebrate the work of 10 women who have made Greater Cincinnati a better place.

O N   T H E   S A M E   P A G E
Cincinnati's assignment: Ernest J. Gaines
        Ernest J. Gaines, author of A Lesson Before Dying thinks we, that is, blacks and whites, have more in common than we have differences.
More about the author and his writing

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