Monday, June 24, 2002

You Asked For It

Don't block intersection sign coming

By Walt Schaefer,
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: Are there any plans to install “Do Not Block Intersection” signs at Madison and Edwards roads? The new light at Wasson Avenue and Edwards is great, but it means many drivers think they can make the light and end up blocking eastbound traffic on Madison. Could the police install cameras to cite drivers who block the intersection after the light changes?
       David McGinnis

        ANSWER: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the close spacing of the traffic signals on Edwards Road and the lack of enough roadway width to separate left-turning motorists from through traffic creates times when traffic backs up to Madison. Therefore, a “Do Not Block Intersection” sign will be installed. It should be in place by July 1. The Cincinnati Police Department will be advised of the situation so it can monitor compliance with the sign after it is installed.

        Q: I have just moved to Anderson Ferry Road, and as I take River Road to Delhi Township, I see vacant houses on the south side of River Road that have address numbers spray painted on them. Will they be razed?
       Mr. Bushelman
       Delhi Township

        A: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the homes on the south side of River Road will be razed. The property was acquired to make room to widen River Road. This widening will improve the curvy, narrow road alignment. Final phases of the plan preparation are nearing completion. Demolition should start by the end of this year.

        Q: More than a year ago, I noticed a vehicle accident had damaged what appears to be a highway feedback device in the grass right of way eastbound on Interstate 275 just past Kellogg Avenue. Is this an ARTIMIS device tied in to the other devices located throughout the area? Should it have been repaired or replaced?
       Jim Simon
       Union Township, Clermont County

        A: Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said the device is not an ARTIMIS (Advanced Regional Traffic Interactive Management and Information System) installation, but a traffic count station no longer in use. It will be removed. ODOT's traffic maintenance crews will do the work as time permits.

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