Sunday, June 23, 2002

Enquirer Page Two Top&Bottom Five

Enquirer staff

        Thumbs Up

        1. World Cup Soccer.

        The U.S. run has ended, but not in vain, apparently. From what we're being told the soccer explosion is imminent.


        • Monday Night Soccer (Are you ready for some kickball?)

        • Soccer Game of the Week.

        • This Week in Soccer (Hello, everybody, welcome to This Week in Soccer!)

        • Soccer Priiiiiiimme Tiiimmme. (He could kick it ... all ... the ... way)

        • Soccer tonight (And now for plays of the week — “He kicks it, he kicks it back, he kicks it, he kicks it back,”

        • Weekly soccer pools (Hey, it's a gimmee baby. Take the half goal!)

        • Fantasy leagues (Hey, I'll trade you Cobi Jones and a supplemental pick for that goalie. My team's really weak on penalty kick defense).

        • Soccer bobbleheads! (Look how his leg moves, and you can take his shirt off just as if he scored a goal!)

        • The soccer draft (The Sets are on the clock!)

        • Soccer Inside Stuff (Man, that hurts like crap when you get kicked)

        • Old-timers games (Hey, anyone seen Kyle Rote Jr.?)

        • Stirring comebacks a la Michael Jordan (It's Pele, who instigated the first soccer explosion — until his league folded, of course)

        • And don't forget to buy those orange futures (slices for everyone!)

        2. WNBA. Sure, we're a little spooked by the strike talk, but what about the Detroit Shock hiring Bill Laimbeer as coach. That's great. They can be the Bad Girls. Now we're getting somewhere.

        3. Interleague play. Well, it night be a bit more fun if the Reds ever won a game. But shoot, facing the Mariners and Athletics is pretty strong. (And quit whining about not playing the Indians. What, you missed John McDonald and Jeb Staurt Magruder, or whatever his name is?)

        4. NASCAR, the movie. Just when you thought it couldn't become more mainstream, the organization announces a movie starring Britney Spears. You can kiss that Oscar goodbye, Meryl Streep.

        5.The Bengals. What a two-week stretch. Everything's going perfectly. Oh, wait, they've been on vacation.

        Thumbs Down

        1. Bob Boone and his merry band of banjo hitters. Hey Bob, a sacrifice bunt too simple for ya? Need to reinvent the game we suppose. Nice bunt coverage too. And Case, take it easy. We paid good money for that grass and you may destroy it with all those worm-burners. Here's a thought fellas. If the batter before you is hit by the pitch, don't swing at the first pitch when you're up!

        2. The UC basketball program. God bless 'em. But you couldn't help but notice the same day XU signed Thad Matta to an extension a UC recruit was shot. Will they ever shake that image?

        3. Grown men and bobbleheads. Look, we know better than most how kids control parents. But what about those guys trying to corner the bobblehead market. We're pretty sure the guys we saw gathering Chris Sabo bobbleheads last week were home lining up their dolls when Aaron Boone hit his game-tying and game-winning homers.

        4. Championship celebrations. It sure seemed cool when we stormed Fountain Square in '75, '76 and '90. But boy, has anything been weaker than the Lakers and Red Wings celebrations?

        5. The Village People. Nothing against the fellas. But if it that's what it takes to get people to the ballpark, don't bother.


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