Friday, June 07, 2002

Barlow declines to concede vote

Recanvass leaves Weinberg ahead

By Mark R. Chellgren
The Associated Press

        FRANKFORT — Lois Combs Weinberg picked up a few votes in a recanvass of the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate conducted Thursday, but her opponent Tom Barlow declined to concede.

        Mr. Barlow said he told Ms. Weinberg in a brief telephone conversation after the recanvass results were revealed that it was premature to say whether he would support her in the general election against U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican seeking a fourth term.

        “That's an iffy question. Let's let the certification process proceed,” Mr. Barlow said in a telephone interview. “We'll address that later on.”

        The recanvass numbers reported by county clerks to the secretary of state's office showed Ms. Weinberg with 231,013 votes to 230,055 for Mr. Barlow, a difference of 958 votes.

        A survey of clerks by The Associated Press showed a slightly different margin — 961 votes for Ms. Weinberg. The AP total did not include recanvass results from Grayson County.

        The results will not be official until the State Board of Elections meets June 14 to certify the election.

        Mr. Barlow said he would not contest the outcome by seeking a recount, which would require him to file a lawsuit in Franklin Circuit Court by today and post a bond to cover the expected cost.

        A spokeswoman for Ms. Weinberg said she was confident the results of the recanvass accurately reflect the election outcome and that Mr. Barlow will come on board.

        “She's confident that Tom Barlow will join her in her fight for Kentucky families,” said spokeswoman Betsy Hatfield.

        Mr. Barlow said he told Ms. Weinberg they could talk about the fall campaign after the state board meets.

        “People out here are savoring the new vigor in politics that has been shown in this election,” Mr. Barlow said.


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