Sunday, June 02, 2002

Enquirer Page Two power rankings

Enquirer staff

        Thumbs up

        1. Adam Dunn. The kid is something else. His batting eye belies his age and his power is tantalizing. Now, Reds fans should hope that Junior wants to come back and show everybody he's still the man.

        2. Senegal. Whether or not you like the World Cup, it sure was cool to see tiny Senegal upset defending champion France, sending an entire country into a wild celebration.

        3. Jim Tressel. OK, we'll admit that Buckeyes fans could be a bit alarmed about their coach trying to pick up some pointers on a visit to the Bengals! But, hey, let's look at the flip side.Maybe Tressel's visit to PB Stadium was to give the Bengals a few tips about recruiting.

        4. Ken Caminiti. He doesn't deserve props for what he did. Using steroids harmed not only himself but the integrity of his Most Valuable Player season. But he should get credit for one thing. Coaches can play his radio interviews of this week and scare the bejeebies out of any youngsters who might consider juicing up.

        5. Dayton Dragons. The Dragons are a model minor-league franchise with a great ballpark. Last week, the Dragons outdrew the Reds-Marlins on two straight nights. We'll catch you during the strike, Dragons.

        Thumbs down

        1. The Reds. Not because of their play on the field. That has been a wonderful surprise. But for the Reds to again basically say they can't afford to improve the team because of poor attendance is out of line. They should have thought of that two price increases ago.

        2. LeBron James. The high school basketball phenom is said to be a sure-fire NBA lottery pick. He even cost the Cavaliers a $150,000 fine when he worked out with them. Are we wrong, or was the last time we saw this superstar he was getting beat by Roger Bacon? Props again to the Spartans.

        3. Summer fun. Yes, the humidity is back in the air, the sun is shining — well, once in awhile — and the grills are being worked overtime. So what time is it? Time to get ready for more holdouts for guys who haven't played a down in the NFL.

        4. Soccer fans. Listen, we're glad you're excited about the World Cup. But don't try to tell those of us who aren't fans that we just don't understand the subtleties of the sport. We understand it, we just don't like it.

        5. Major-league players. They're all outraged about the accusations by Caminiti and Jose Canseco about rampant steroid use, they say. But will they agree to drug testing? Not a chance.


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