Monday, May 20, 2002

Morning Memo

Hot tips and news to start your business day

        Today's Number: 79 - Percentage of American workers who rated their company's financial condition as excellent or good, according to the recent Gallup/UPS Warburg Employee Confidence Index.

        Today's Career Talk: In Say it like Shakespeare by Thomas Leech, the author points out that nothing kills a speech or presentation like a point that doesn't stand up to logical analysis. “Many finished reports and presentations reveal flaws when subjected to the scrutiny of logic and legitimacy,” the author contends. “One of the best ways to spot holes is with a bare-bones outline. Reviewing material while it's still in the early stages of development has helped many people tighten up their clarity.”

        Today's Money Tip: Consolidating debt with a second mortgage or mortgage refinance can be a good thing: With the interest being deductible from income taxes, the government essentially subsidizes the debt. But be careful that you use those tax savings to either pay the debt down or contribute to savings. Don't spend it. Studies show too many people who transfer debt from credit cards continue spending until they owe twice as much.

        Today's Company: Anderson Publishing Co.

        LEGAL LEARNING: In the 115 years since its founding by William Harvey Anderson, Anderson Publishing has printed legal treatises, professional journals, practice books, law school texts, criminal justice publications and legal forms. Its best-selling title is Page's Ohio Revised Code, Annotated, a compendium of Ohio law.

        STAYING ALIVE: By focusing on quality and using new technologies, this employee-owned legal publishing firm has survived despite the consolidation and electronic competition that have swallowed counterparts. As instruction and information has moved to the Internet, the company has supplied online texts and industry resources.

        NATIONALLY KNOWN: Customers include lawyers, judges, law schools, criminal justice programs and police departments. While the majority of customers are in Ohio, Anderson receives orders from all over the country.

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