Thursday, May 16, 2002

Golf tip from Dana Quigley

Shifting weight can fix slice

        This week, Dana Quigley, who posted 14 top-10 finishes in 2001, talks about the slice and weight transfer. Quigley has won more than $5 million on the Senior PGA Tour.

        I play in three pro-ams a week out here on the Senior PGA Tour, and the biggest error I see is the slice. The slice can be the result of many different symptoms. For this tip, let's concentrate on weight transfer.

        When you do not shift your weight and transfer it to your left side at the bottom of the shot, you tend to pull the club across the ball, which results in a left-to-right spin and the slice.

        Concentrate on transfering the weight off your right side when you begin your downstroke. This will allow you to get to your left side and turn through the ball.

        The club then will have a better chance of coming through impact with the clubface squarely to the target, and have a straighter trajectory.

        This weight transfer also will generate more power and distance in your shot.

        The Cincinnati Enquirer is an official sponsor of the Kroger Senior Classic presented by Firstar, an official Senior PGA TOUR >event.

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