Monday, April 29, 2002

You Asked For It

No left turn at T-corner

By Walt Schaefer,
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: Bramble Avenue runs east and west connecting Erie Avenue to Plainville Road in the East Hyde Park, Fairfax and Madisonville areas. At the eastern end of Bramble, the road basically "T's' into Plainville. There is a traffic light and no left turn is permitted onto Plainville. It forces traffic wanting to turn left onto Plainville to use parallel streets that are more residential.
       Carol Beech
       Indian Hill

        ANSWER: Bramble Avenue intersects with Plainville Road in an offset manner. The two Bramble approaches are not directly opposite, said Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey. This creates a hazardous conflict with left-turning traffic from one side of the street with traffic making a corresponding right turn from the other side. When both Bramble approaches have the green light, left-turning motorists from one side would run into motorists turning from the opposite side because both drivers believe they do not have to yield. A way to avoid the conflict is to restrict either right or left turns, Mr. Bailey said.

        Restricting these turns also avoids having to display the green light for the Bramble approaches at different times. Doing so would limit the amount of green time available to Plainville Road resulting in significant peak hour congestion.

        Q: At the corner of Essex Place and East McMillan Street there is a lengthy traffic signal for Essex motorists. Can the city install a traffic light sensor on Essex to change it to green?
       Debbie Ellison
       Walnut Hills

        A: Mr. Bailey said the intersection is controlled by a sensor in the roadway. The sensor is operating properly. Unfortunately, it is necessary to delay the side street traffic at certain times to maintain smooth flow on McMillan. This is accomplished by establishing a set point in time in each signal cycle when the Essex traffic signal is allowed to turn green.

        If a motorist pulls over the sensor just after this set point, a delay of up to two minutes may occur as the cycle must complete itself. This arrangement permits fixing the time of each green light sequence on McMillan, he said.

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