Monday, April 29, 2002

Morning Memo

Enquirer staff and news services

        Today's Number: 2.8 million — Total words in U.S. tax code, compared with 774,746 in the Bible, the government reports.


        Today's Career Talk

        Want to build esprit de corps at your organization? Then model your group after a World War I battalion, suggests William A. Cohen, author of The New Art of the Leader and a retired major general in the Air Force. “There is a group spirit that you must reach in order to motivate groups of people to do things,” he says. “For my money, esprit de corps is built on three things: your personal integrity, mutual confidence and a focus on contribution rather than personal gain.”

        — John Eckberg

        Today's Company — LE CEZANNE

        HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Fabrice Collot, chef for the French embassies in Ukraine and Israel, decided to bring his culinary expertise to the United States. He and his wife, Martine Delcroix-Collot, moved to Cincinnati in 1996 and by December of that year opened a pastry shop and tea room in a Wyoming storefront that reminded them of home. Two years ago they launched a companion Le Cezanne in Hyde Park.

        FROM CROISSANTS TO QUICHE: In Wyoming, Mr. Collot's pastries are most popular; in Hyde Park, customers tend to go for the quiches, croque-monsieur sandwiches and other “savory” items. Customers can eat breakfast or lunch on the premises or purchase treats to take home.

        THE LOOK OF PROVENCE: The Collots named their enterprise after French postimpressionist painter Paul Cezanne, who lived and worked near Mr. Collot's hometown of Aix-en-Provence. The decor of both eateries reflects the vivid colors and casual charm of southern France.

        STAFF OF LIFE: About 120 baguettes are baked daily in Le Cezanne's computerized ovens.

        — Jenny Callison


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