Thursday, April 18, 2002

PGA pros offer free lessons

36 local pros take part in 'Play Golf America'

By Carey Hoffman
Enquirer contributor

Tom Bach, pro at Sharon Woods, gives some tips to Damon Kinley.
(Tony Jones photo)
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        Almost 145 hours in free lessons will be available to Tristate golfers in May, thanks to a program aimed at getting players back onto golf courses.

        “Play Golf America” is a program sponsored by the PGA and Golf Digest magazine. Free 10-minute lessons will be offered by 36 area pros to address any aspect of a player's game or to serve as an introduction to golf.

        “It's an opportunity from the PGA side of things to promote the game of golf,” said Sharon Woods head pro Tom Bach, among those participating.

        “In 10 minutes, you can give a brief synopsis, check fundamentals and offer a few quick tips. It's a win-win for everybody — they get to pick our brains, and we get to promote the game.”

William Frey, Reeves
Joel Suggs, Meadow Links
Thomas Bach, Sharon Woods
Larry Ledford, Little Miami
Theodore Osmundson, Glenview
Terence Bray, Golf Galaxy
William Terasa, Neumann
Steven Danker, The Vineyard
Sam Arnold, The Vineyard
Stanley Bickel, Golf Galaxy.
Timothy Lambert, Hamilton Elks
Douglas Stultz, Miami Whitewater
Bert Irish, Rocky Fork
Mark Lammi, Shaker Run
William Delayo Jr., Shaker Run
Bruce Habjan, Acushnet Co.
Marianne Utz-Sahms, O'Bannon Creek
Christian Wood, TPC at River's Bend
Joseph Bischoff, Crooked Tree
Andy Horn, Golf Center at Kings Island
Dan Peters, Miami Lakesbr>David Longley, Browns Run
Dennis Biller, Browns Run
David Stanton, Snow Hill
Daniel Dunn, Shawnee Lookout
Terry Jolly, A.J. Jolly
Mike Cahill, Golf Ranch-Burlington
Ralph Landrum, Golf Ranch-Burlington
Gina Yoder, Golf Ranch- Burlington
William Lambdin, Flagg Springs
William Landrum, NKU
William Schuetz, Summit Hills
John Steinbrunner, Summit Hills
Kelly Fegley, Hillcrest
Gregory Scholles, Hidden Valley
Mark Martin, Grand Oak.
        The program targets the No.1 reason former golfers say they gave up playing — the inability to hit the ball consistently — according to 29 percent of those surveyed by a group of major golf organizations.

        Last May, more than 70,000 free lessons were provided nationally through the program.

        To take part this year, contact participating pros directly for reservations. A full list nationally can be found at

        Besides the lesson opportunities, Ron Stepanek and John Newkirk from the Southern Ohio PGA will participate in the program by fielding questions from the public about golf rules on Fridays in May. To reach them, call (937) 754-4263.

        Former touring pro Ralph Landrum, who operates several facilities in Greater Cincinnati, says his businesses benefit not only by getting customers in the door, but by making them feel better about how they're playing.

        That's why he'll participate in “Play Golf America” again.

        “How many times did you see Butch Harmon on the Golf Channel last week? And how much help do you think Tiger (Woods) really needs?” Landrum asked.

        “It was the same thing with Rick Smith being there every time you saw Phil Mickelson. There is always hope for improvement. The game is not that hard. If you've got a little bit of direction, you can improve.”

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